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  1. If you have played wow or most mmos you know what i mean but since i just talk to someone that didn't get it ill briefly explain. Hat - has stats Chest - has stats when you where both you get extra stats. Now Ive been looking at a few ways this might work, both for character specific or other wise. One way may be to push tags to the character. local function OnEquip(inst, owner) owner:AddTag("isCool") if owner:HasTag("isAwesome") then --stuff end end local function OnUnequip(inst, owner) owner:RemoveTag("isCool") endlocal function OnAttack(inst, owner, target) if owner:HasTag("iscool") and owner:HasTag("isAwesome") then --stuff endendNow the things im missing are the key words. Like what we see on the cane. inst.components.equippable.walkspeedmult = TUNING.CANE_SPEED_MULT inst.components.equippable.KEYWORD = NUMBER any idea where i can find these? the API is kinda hard to navigate.
  2. @DarkXero Your a god. This is perfect, sorry for the late reply ...extended family came over and haven had a chance to try out some new stuff for my mod.
  3. So I have a problem and im hoping someone might at least be able to point me in the right direction. I have a character, and i want her to have her sanity drain when she loses or is not carrying her plushy in here inventory. 2 major things I'm running in to for problems. Keeping in inventory on death. and Drain if not present. Any one got any ideas that might help push me in the right direction? I know there is stuff like this. inst:WatchWorldState("phase", updatedamage) updatedamage(inst, TheWorld.state.phase)that runs a function to update the damage every time the "phase" changes. Is there and event or a check i can exploit to make this work. second problem is the recovery of the item on Resurrection. and.... I actual dont have a clue where to start with that.
  4. yeah... they are diving me up the wall. And i have to update often since it takes time to do all the bug testing, and a while for people to find the bugs. cant fix what i dont know about. and have to fix quickly when i do find out.
  5. I have ppl saying that my mod keeps saying its out of date. and im wondering if its my API version api_version = 10 anyone know?
  6. I think you just are putting it in the wrong part of the character. that is either going in the common_postinit or in the master_postinit 90% sure it goes in the master. could be wrong. give it a try or wait and see if any one else knows. *Shrugs* good luck though!
  7. for just the art or for the whole 9 yards. lua scripting and all that. also from personal experience i know how long it takes to do the art for characters. each is made up of of at least 200-300 individual pngs. call it roughly 5-12 hours per character, including making a concept piece to use as inspiration and reference. ok im jobless and I'm interested. here's a piece of my own work: how much were you thinking of spending? what i can offer is 2 piece of art work for concept. both characters. and the basic lua set up.
  8. Any one know if DST's lua has a write funtion? like print() or debug() or something like that? I have things Im testing and i need better feed back than waiting to see if it works. i want to be able to see the steps happening in the console.... ...any ideas would be a great help.
  9. @DarkXero, actual ive been thinking about this.... doesn't this all not work...since im attempting to make it drop Ive been trying some thing different I made a knife. for the most part i want to have her use this knife and sorta "ritual sacrifice" the other character. no i can make the knife do several things. add tag to target if the tartget is the one i want. i gave her too loot tables one thats empty and look for the tag when she dies. the only thing i cant seem to figure out is how to put in a timer for if she escapes, to remove the tag.
  10. yea. so after thinking about it. that probly wont work. save slot portaits map icons all that stuff wont work so yeah... go get this delete the export folder AND the anim folder. you dont need them. copy data\scripts\prfabs\wickerbottom.lua replace the lua in the prefab folder. [rename it] change this part Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), Asset("SOUND", "sound/wendy.fsb"), Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), Asset("ANIM", "anim/"),and rename all the "Extended Sample Character" names Profit.
  11. OK that is actualy easy. like the easiest mod you could make. get a modinfo.lua. fill it out. Make a modmain.lua PrefabFiles = { "yourcharactersname",}Assets = {-- you shouldn't need to include any assets because they are all vanila}local require = GLOBAL.requirelocal STRINGS = GLOBAL.STRINGSSTRINGS.CHARACTER_TITLES.yourcharactersname = "give it a title"STRINGS.CHARACTER_NAMES.yourcharactersname = "Your character's name"STRINGS.CHARACTER_DESCRIPTIONS.yourcharactersname = "*perk \n *perk\n *ect..."STRINGS.CHARACTER_QUOTES.yourcharactersname = "\"say something here.\""STRINGS.CHARACTERS.YOURCHARACTERSNAME = require "speech_wickerbottom" --or Wendy change accordinglySTRINGS.NAMES.YOURCHARACTERSNAME = "Your character's name"STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE.YOURCHARACTERSNAME = { GENERIC = "It's Your character's name!", ATTACKER = "That Your character's namelooks shifty...", MURDERER = "Murderer!", REVIVER = "Your character's name, friend of ghosts.", GHOST = "Your character's name could use a heart.",}AddMinimapAtlas("images/map_icons/wendy.xml")AddModCharacter("yourcharactersname", "FEMALE")Find and replace yourcharactersname --all lowercaseYOURCHARACTERSNAME --all upperYour character's name --normalgo to data\scripts\prfabs find wickerbottom.lua copy it change only this part local assets ={ Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), Asset("SOUND", "sound/wendy.fsb"), Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), Asset("ANIM", "anim/"),}now Asset("ANIM", "anim/"),Wendy doesnt have one of these. but its only an animation file and NOT her character so you shouldn't worry.
  12. So to explain... I have 2 character. If "Character A" is killed by "Character B" I want it to drop an item. This is the code for players dropping items. GLOBAL.SetSharedLootTable("stuff", { {"meat", 1.00}, {"meat", 1.00}, {"meat", 0.33}}) AddPlayerPostInit(function(inst) inst:AddComponent("lootdropper") inst.components.lootdropper:SetChanceLootTable("stuff") inst:ListenForEvent("death", function() inst.components.lootdropper:DropLoot(inst:GetPosition()) end)end)Found it here I'm still hunting for the death function, I think it might have some insight in to how to implement this. Any ideas?
  13. ive tried everything i can think of. but its always off set. No matter where i move the pivot in spriter it doesn't change. help!