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  1. Seeing all of this whining about Epic Store really hurts me inside. I hope you guys don't take it too close to the heart, as nobody seems to mention actually important thing: the game looks rad (like all of your games do), and I (and sure many more) can't wait to play it! Really in love with those designs and the mood of it. *interested interested* ОзО I can't upvote this message enough, and can't put it to words better: Hope that those unsettling and mean commentaries don't upset you, as I know it can! Keep up all the great, inspiring job you are doing! As a fan, I'm always at your side, so if you feel more comfortable launching Alpha on EGS - I sure am standing by this decision. Really love you guys, you are great! <3
  2. Game crash when entering Cave Cleft

    @Zillvr, thanks a lot! It seems to fix the problem for me. In my defense, I thought I disabled the mods ><
  3. Game crash when entering Cave Cleft

    Thank you, @Zillvr! I'm super sorry I forgot the log, and that it took me THAT much time to reply. But I tried playing again and same crash appeared in the same place, so here's the log! log.txt
  4. Started a new game(no mods, Ham only, playing as Wilson, a few minor changes in world gen), tried to enter a cave cleft almost immediately, game crashed. Tried to do this again, by continuing (wich was technically a restart, as a save was at the beginning of the day). Unsurprisingly, game crashed again. First time I got some grass and twigs before going in, second time went in with the machete alone.