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  1. from pov of no-warly gameplay experienes thus far, not sorted by 'tier within tier' (i.e. onion doesn't > pomegranate, they're both herp) S: dragonfruit, toma root, potato dragonfruit: transmutes itself and three twigs into 40 hp 75 hunger, other crops wish they could be this toma: the solid 20 hp per unit and an inversion of spoil mechanics, lasting 10d when cooked instead of raw, pair with dragonfruit in 2:1 ratio and use for the 20 hp or combine with ice + vego for 33 sanity potato: eggplant but with decent crockpot recipes, extra-potent low effort effectiveness for wolfgang A: eggplant, pumpkin eggplant: heavy 20 hp/25 hunger per unit, something one should never feel averse to - keep it the hell out of crock with vegos unless you REALLY need food resources many days in the future though pumpkin: THICK hunger per unit and a bit of hp on top of it, two = your daily hunger, add a good crock recipe or buff watermelon = S, tri-plants quite well with eggplant/corn B: carrot carrot: rabbit hutches can be really, really good and you need 10 of these for each one, that's about all there is to say there C: garlic, corn, watermelon, asparagus garlic: only usable for filler/puree, which while decent does have a 2:1 dependancy on potatoes, which are extremely good as is corn: can tri-plant with potato/carrot and gives a decent 25 hunger raw with some hefty spoil options, not bad watermelon: a bit of sanity and a bit more with ice, if you have to rely on this for cooling you might be doomed, can duo with pumpkin.. i guess asparagus: decent hunger but a fast spoil + dunked by toma generally, okay-ish as a tri-plant with potato/pumpkin which is weirdly potent D: onion, pepper, pomegranate onion: only useful as filler or combined with toma for a less-resource intensive stinger, rather awkward fertilizer setup pepper: this is kind of just awful without warly unfortunately pomegranate: would be nicer with a crock or better spoil mechanics, bushes are better fruit producers, maybe minor fertilizer uses F: durian durian: not even wurt overall anyway farm mechanics are super convoluted and all over the place, there's a lot to look into + factor which is nice but i get the feeling that the distribution of usefulness and neat combos is lopsided towards the A+ and warly-perked crops, hopefully see some bumps to things like carrot (no crock + low resources)/garlic (if only to be less of a potato/warly reliant bit)/corn (handful of powercakes and that's it, poor fish taco)/watermelon (so low-end in so many ways, only remaining in C for possible fertilizer setups and heat being harder to deal with than cold)/asparagus (really didn't need 6/3 spoil and toma can subsume it in stinger) and so on even so, a massive step-up from before regardless, and worth being the center of the update
  2. you shouldn't be making meatballs with non-monster meat/filler that isn't ice or redcaps ideally but they are the premiere way to convert monster meat/ice/redcaps/maybe some red berries into a lot of hunger as for farming a lot of crops (and notably a LOT of common results, particularly in autumn) give either disproportionately large hunger or 20 hp when cooked, new = probably take a bit much damage = getting a bluecap's worth of hp without the sanity hit en masse off harvests will probably be a godsend (cooked potatoes/tomatoes/eggplants/pomegranate/dragonfruit, beware the speedy spoil time when cooked and snug your potatoes 'cause they're also 25 hunger ea cooked, if get lucky with some dragonfruit can try for the gold with them since dragonfruit farm + 40+ dug up saplings will take a huge chunk out of your hunger/healing worries off dragonpie)
  3. opportunity is the name of the game here, that gold 'spear' can gank critters that are a pain to get otherwise and allow engaging things that otherwise are very likely to deal some damage in the process like tentacles/bishops and the like there's quite a few interesting combat applications you can pull off with them, and the 51 of marble is fairly intense (spike) given that marble is similarly self-perpetuating in that one marble --> 2 marble net in ~17 days per marble shrub, in lieu of marble suits (which don't mesh all that well with a ranged-capable char anyway) or just investing that hard into marble harvesting that can afford both (a good set of high-density yield being 24 shrubs, which ordinarily pays for 4 marble suits almost twice a 'month', but in this case that would be 240 tentacle spike's worth of ranged attacks or 12,240 damage, for probably less flint/gold expenditure than farming goes through currently - but you can generate gold, so..)
  4. i wouldn't worry about that, ultimately if devs see something that seems neat via player input they might use it and that's that there is a mod that implements sw characters that has a particular take on woodlegs that can check out to kind of imagine what it'd be like anyway, if so desire https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=697356989
  5. should gold be increased? with its damage amount it becomes easily capable of sniping birds/rabbits, usually a net gain of 0.9 gold via pig king in lieu of feathers in that sense it can easily be a default ammo and is fairly potent for being so self-perpetuating, + a bonus if you like krampus spawns
  6. movement speed penalty? not heard of that one, would've figured the real issue anyway would be -38.4 sanity/day just to being on land alone 'least if plunked into dst as is, which would probably be a bad idea
  7. hum.. idly digging around for a while's turned up no leads at all on that icon, maybe not even implemented @JoeW how are we supposed to get the moon caller staff icon if not via this stream drop, which the in-game staff skin itself is predicated on having? maybe kleipoint bonus when crystalline's plunked on the shop? mystery
  8. given even near nothing of note when deerclops spawns it will (usually, in lieu of distractions like pig houses) specifically walk up to you into aggro range, at least initially before getting bored and wandering around i would posit that deerclops is very much out to get you, indirectly or not (pays more attention to structures, especially clusters of them, and initially targets those if near them) in dst anyway the only boss that will beeline for your base if you're just hanging around that waiting for them to spawn (and thus enabling such) is deerclops, bearger has to be pretty close to detect and desire food stored (beebox an exception there but there's an incentive to just plunk your boxes in the nearest cave, they're quite nice to have unloaded for days at a time as well)
  9. technically that list is missing some details like deerclops possibly getting a free hit if tagging you too many times (freeze is its 'special attack' and laser deerclops is awful) or bearger's attack cooldown resetting after a slam, or how the real spring giant that insists on haranguing you is made of frogs i'm not even sure bearger counts anymore, the only seasonal bosses that actively have it out for you are deerclops/antlion, bearger isn't outright hostile in dst and mostly just follows you around with a 25% strength sanity aura, long as not got the honey goods anyway
  10. i turned a radiant star caller staff into a prismatic moon caller staff today, no dice (though it'd be odd slash inventive if in-game actions could do such)
  11. this is pretty much the use case, if you're against a non-400/min boss and primarily tanking, you can pull an almost full heal out of the food or transform +33-50 sanity foods into hp foods vs a -400/min boss, need to be pretty inventive to make use out of it like that but ye
  12. this would also be fairly easy to mod from wx78.lua local function oneat(inst, food) if food and food.components.edible and food.components.edible.foodtype == FOODTYPE.GEARS then --give an upgrade! inst.level = inst.level + 1 applyupgrades(inst) inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/characters/wx78/levelup") ... local function ondeath(inst) if inst.level > 0 then local dropgears = math.random(math.floor(inst.level / 3), math.ceil(inst.level / 2)) if dropgears > 0 then for i = 1, dropgears do local gear = SpawnPrefab("gears") ... if inst.components.eater ~= nil then inst.components.eater.ignoresspoilage = true inst.components.eater:SetCanEatGears() inst.components.eater:SetOnEatFn(oneat) end quite a few of these bits revolving around gears show up, one just swaps the instances of being able to eat gears/using gears to levelup/dropping gears on death and such with wires the capacity to still use gears like that could still stay (people can prol swing one way or another on that) but think in general that'd be quite a good change
  13. in a cooperative setting overtuned (and often overused due to this) mechanics tend to cheapen the experience for most involved substantially so given this game revolves around getting punted by difficult scenarios and such suppose a decent example would be the often brought up wortox mass soul heal, compare what that does to any high-end boss fight as opposed to any other char filling that slot or what any other singular effectiveness increase in that scenario can be in-game, regardless of what that mechanic's attached to or downsides or lack thereof in play with it, that that mechanic exists is probably? bad for the game and what it's trying to be
  14. maybe, but doubt it, thulecite's awfully valuable a combinative gold axe/pickaxe with a fifth of the hit requirements cut off isn't.. bad, though the usual 2 thulecite for the craft is quite pricy in general the balance or effectiveness or whatever is pretty all over the place, mostly a thing for mods seemingly which there's quite good support for at least, there's some tuning available for pick/axe but not effectiveness like for glass axe ..which is also kind of a thing that rains on pick/axe's more specific 1.33 hits per hits (essentially +33% effectiveness) parade, moon glass and its not great dura/lastability but +150% effectiveness, which also doesn't seem to be used thaaat much.. in both cases would probably see more use if had a bump to their use count + a major/modest cut to resource consumption respectively