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  1. I don't think that don't starve should use boots because if they add shoes and such this will lead to things like gloves and trousers, etc. Adding to much detail towards the character will take the point of survival away.
  2. This would be incredibly useful, but what will the projectile be?
  3. And the damage can be around 90, have 25 uses and you cannot pick up the bolts.
  4. Any ideas on the crafting recipe for the crossbow? PS, riding a dragonfly seems to not relate to the point of don't starve and it sounds really op, however riding a beefalo sounds more realistic for the game.
  5. This feature could be immensely useful, however the crock pot recipe needs to be balanced and just a thought to be added: 50 Hunger 10 Sanity 1-5 Health? And prevents freezing or overheating (depending on the drink)
  6. I guess that could be exploited however there can be a option to cap the amount of sinkholes, so it could be like 1 sinkhole per person or maybe when someone digs a sinkhole it replaces one randomly on the map. And it will lead to the same cave.
  7. Another possible item that they could add (as the caves update is soon) is a mine able cave or a quarry system to dig out a cave near you instead of searching for one. It will be craft-able at the Alchemy Engine and it requires, 2 electric dooddads, 5 rope and a golden shovel. This is not the best suggestion to be able to mine towards caves but it's only a idea.
  8. Whenever I play Don't Starve I realize that some items need to be in the game. Within this post leave suggestions on what the game should have. Include the problem and stats if possible. Klei please read this topic... A blowgun dropped by MacTusk. I know that the game already has blow darts however, I never understood the reason to make a new barrel (out of two cut reeds) every time to fire a dart. Of course the blowgun will have durability otherwise it would be kinda OP. Here are some stats for the item: %25 drop chance from MacTusk Uses %5 durability per shot Does 75 damage. Uses any dart as ammo And can fire stingers.