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  1. Since the time of posting I have spawned in a new fishbone and resumed playing normally. I just tried the command you mentioned and it resulted in 1 fishbone being found in the world. The original one must be gone.
  2. Sealnado sucked me up with its AoE attack on land and I died. I am playing Wendy and at the time of death I was wearing a backpack and a hat, in my inventory were many items, including a doydoy that I picked up and fishbone. Packim Baggims and Abigail were following me. I respawned via touch stone and sailed to the island I was killed on. What I found was that Sealnado had despawned, deleting almost all items that were in my inventory, but not quite all of them. Near my skeleton I only found my backpack lying and the doydoy running around ever-untroubled, all other items are completely missing - I searched the entire island and the sea around it. Packim Baggims was still on the island, flying around aimlessly. I could not open him, as I only had the option to attack him. Abigail was still floating around but was not following me anymore. Her disobedience was fixed by reloading the game. Packim Baggims had gone missing aswell since then, either because he made his way off the island while flying around or maybe he disappeared when I reloaded the game. It looks like he despawned, since I can not warp to him via c_gonext("packim"). I can neither find fishbone via c_gonext("packim_fishbone") - the console simply states "Finding a packim_fishbone" with no result. I am not playing on the beta version.