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  1. Someone very close to me started a class on Python this semester and has had some difficulty figuring it all out. I was wondering if anyone has any experience working with Python and has any advice that could help her out. I would really appreciate any help that is offered.
  2. I'm watching Etalyx stream the game when he came across a bug that is overheating his base and produced over 2 million kilograms before he blocked it off with a tile.
  3. Yay! The bug report I posted yesterday made it into today's hot fix! I can play the game now! Thanks @Cheerio and Klei for the quick response. I'll be sure to stay active on the forums.
  4. I'm able to select my starting duplicants and when I click to embark, the game crashes. L output_log.txt WorldGenDataSave.dat WorldGenSimSave.dat
  5. Last night and this morning, after we updated the server to Against the Grain, we've had a few crashes. The log shows some errors involving saddles right before and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar problems. Edit: Could be related to a mod I'm using. Looking to recreate the crash after talking to one of the members in my group. server_log_2017-02-04-09-57-02.txt
  6. I'm looking forward to next weeks update. Keep up the great work Klei!
  7. I'm looking forward to playing with this update. Thank you for all of your hard work getting it ready.
  8. I was wondering if it is at all possible to create a recipe using a krampus sack, piggyback or insulated pack as one of the materials with the backpack skins. A lot of players, including myself enjoy using the backpack skins, but I invariably end up obtaining a krampus sack. I do not want to simply modify the number of slots on a regular backpack like many other servers do, I would rather players have to gather items like anything else and craft an upgraded backpack.
  9. Anyone that is using geometric placement, you have to hold ctrl (if you have it set to default) to disable the mod and see the ice flingomatic's range.
  10. The market will establish a base line in the coming weeks and months, but take a look at the most expensive item on the market.
  11. My first trade in was a major success. I exchanged 9 common items and received a green silk loungewear! Looking forward to the clothing recipes Peter mentioned on stream to reduce the ratio for a trade in.