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  1. Now my game does not work anymore , the only game that I like does not work anymore , the game that made me go into the steam . Because?
  2. I have the same problem, I've always been able to play, but now I can not! client_log.txt DxDiag.rar
  3. I waited for the food to spoil in the crock pot, so I could remove without crashing the game!
  4. The error occurs when I try to catch food that is in the crockpot !.
  5. @Zillvr If I completely reinstall the game, I lose my saved games? log.txt
  6. @Zillvr Yes, the problem persists. In the same slot and others as well.
  7. It was getting on base, I felt a few drops of FPS, and the game crashed! EDIT: The error occurs when I try to catch food that is in the crockpot !.
  8. @Zillvr In the same slot! But I tried another well.
  9. @Zillvr In the same slot and the other slots, it happens anyway. And I installed Windows updates.
  10. 1- I checked the integrity of the files! 2- Delete the mods folder. 3- I sent my DxDiag.txt. I tried to create new worlds, and only got a good after 4 attempts, but it varies greatly. DxDiag.rar
  11. I tried, and the first world that I created was the same problem. I can not send my Dxdiag.txt, an error occurs when I try to send.
  12. I have mods but none is activated, all disabled. Even off the mods can cause errors in the game?
  13. Always when I create a new world, or I move from one world to another through the machine, it happens! You need to create worlds to get one that is not so. But I have lost several maps when I try to go to another world through the machine. I don't use mods!
  14. Same problem here! I do't use mods. World default! And another: no blue birds in winter!