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  1. +1 here. Just happened to me this morning. Throwing in my details. No, I've relaunched the game multiple times since the last patch that went out. This did occur after a re-launch though. Only 1 Active run - on a "ng+" Level 2 prestige run on Sal that I started immediately after completing the story for the first time. Since this issue: The new run appeared to persist but I didn't play it long enough and abandoned the run. Yes, the abandoned run shows up. Doesn't seem like it. The end turn option was not disabled, which was my preference. Here's also a new wrinkle - my internet went out last night so my save didn't get uploaded to the cloud this morning. I manually redownloaded last night's save and the issue was already present. (Unfortunately!) I do remember during the last few encounters in my story ending run that it was already not remembering the end turn option and the pop up saying it saved my preference kept happening.
  2. This has happened twice in 24 hours but I don't know the steps to repro it. It's only happened in an negotiation encounter. During a Negotiation encounter, I will select a card to play. Instead of playing the card, I lose the ability to do anything to advance the turn. I can still navigate on the UI and menus. The cards show the other cards in my hand, which I can hover but not select to use and the arrow indicator on where to place the effect doesn't come up. The card I had tried to play still shows up in my hand, but I can't hover or select. Hitting X does not end my turn even though it shows up in the UI. I can only view card details, inspect arguments, and navigate the status UI and menu. Video of my flailing attempts to progress the encounter attached. arne-griftlands-progression-blocker-bug.mp4