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  1. Oh well maybe there's another one comes and says " Your topic is invalid" later on
  2. I did that mining with my pick, and there was one more rock. Once I dropped a mandrake, and I'd try to collect it and it'd float it mid-air. Another time I found grass, growing and everything, floating above a mini ocean.
  3. OH. It's really annoying when you run into one (some sort of...POND) in the dark, but good when you are being chased by enemies, because they run into it.
  4. do what? If you're talking to me I play on the PC. do you mean like the hole in the ground with the water?
  5. What's funny is I didn't know that was until I saw the vid!!! I'M ONLY TWELVE-ISH...
  6. I killed a beefalo with abigail, then died later on some how, I forgot.
  7. I have Don't Starve Beta PC. So I can't get Wigfrid. But I have Wendy, and her twin sister Abigail who SHALL EAT YOU IN YOUR SLEEP.
  8. Once I burnt some trees and summoned a Treeguard by accident and then he killed off the nearby tentacles and some spiders and then he killed some pigs and gave me meat.
  9. ALWAYS, I RUN TOWARDS 'EM THEY RUN TO THEIR BURROWS. DAT MAKES IT EASIER TO CATCH 'EM. I make it so I am on one side of the hole, the rabbit is on the other. DEN I ATTACK DE WASCALLY WABBIT, AND KILL IT. Easy meal!!!