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  1. I don't think Klei ever mentioned that they intend to police the servers in any way, so this is all moot.
  2. Maybe introduce objects that are "owned" by the player and his party, which couldn't be destroyed by anyone outside of that party? A party system would eed to be implemented as well. There's no simple fix to the problem, other than finding friends and playing with them only.
  3. Finding it online is not ideal. Even if we ignore the usual copyright issues, it would be nice to have it printable, so I still need to make it hi-res from scratch. I was thinking of some sort of clever brush settings that let you make them easily. I don't think the DS artists hand-painted the whole thing on a digitizer or something. Normally I should be able to figure it out, but I'm a bit rusty...
  4. Does anyone know of any guide for drawing the basic elements of DS artwork? Like the stripy backgrounds and such. I'd like to make something decent that looks "authentic" for a small project, but I'm not sure how it's made...
  5. So the meta of DST PvP will be who can build and maintain the largest pig army. The rabbit fields will be the most prized and contested real estate. The main objective of a player will be to quickkly find and set on fire the enemy pig houses. The Pig Wars!
  6. I wouldn't count on Monday, they posted this on Steam forums: