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  1. A weird little thing I came across while playing RoG. I've been doing a lot of HAM lately and decided to switch it up a bit and just throw it on to be compatible if I really wanted to go back. Just play some classic Rog for a bit. There were some other weird things but I wanna do more games before reporting them, however this was just outright annoying. I was in camp, saw a chest smoldering and thought nothing of it. I went to extinguish it and couldn't. Only open it. So then I went to get ice to it out. It only put it inside of it. At the time I was by my endofire so when I flipped my stuff was safe.. it was just sorta everywhere. Mega annoying. I have been able to put out other things such as drying racks and tufts but chests are the big one to me. I didn't see anyone else report this, so if you haven't experienced summer and have these two dlc attached make sure to keep your flingomatic on for now!