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  1. No, I'm sorry, I don't think that's gonna wash. It's just laziness because, as I've mentioned so, so, so many damn times, a single misstep can still have as big an impact as you want. I don't understand why you think that giving people an option to play in a way that's not your preferred playstyle means you can't play it your way anymore? Just a quick disclaimer, despite my "Laziness" comment, I love this game, and am drafting a full post on it in the feedback area.
  2. If you can't look at an option and just say "This doesn't fit how I want to play the game, and as such, I won't use it" then with all due respect, you must have a nightmare walking past the chocolate shelf at the supermarket...
  3. Alright, let's start responding to things as they come up. Firstly, if you are allowed to claim that you shouldn't have to not use a feature, then I can claim that I shouldn't have to go through a tedious manual process because you think that giving people an option to do things a way that's not your way makes your way less valid. I don't understand your issue here. There is nothing stopping you from playing your game as hardcore as you want to play it. That doesn't mean there shouldn't be an option for people who want to take it a bit more gently. Your claim of it being a selling point of the game doesn't make any sense, because it still can be? Adding the ability to save doesn't remove the ability to not-save. In fact, it can be spun off into another thing to sell the game on, about how you can do it hardcore/ironman if you want, or take it more gently. Secondly, see that ticker at the top? General Discussion? It means we can talk about the game here. This includes bits we do or don't like. Thirdly, and this is important. Advertising a game for not having a useful feature that almost every other game does isn't advertising. That's like advertising an airline with the tagline "We don't bother to service our aircraft". Omitting features is bad, not good, and is an example of this trope: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NeverNeedsSharpening Fourthly, yes, we all know what medi-gel is. I don't understand what you hope to gain by pointing this out? Fifthly, having development forums and community input on early access games is specifically so that the devs can get an idea of what people want, it's literally the main point. If they see enough people asking for something, should they just ignore it because it wasn't part of the original design document? The entire point of this forum is gather suggestions to change the game with! Sixthly, I'm fine with permadeath, I stated at the very beginning that I wasn't taking sides in this debate.
  4. Yeeeeeees, but it can still BE a hardcore permadeath experience even with a save function because you don't have to use it. As for the marketing point...I don't think I understand. Things change throughout their life-cycle. That's how it goes. I don't get the issue? If adding a new feature that doesn't remove anything messes with marketing (Which I've almost never seen, It's a procedural turns based stealth game, I've not seen "Rogue-Like" anywhere but on these forums, from players), then just update marketing materials. Or not, because as mentioned, the permadeath stuff is still there.
  5. No, no I don't think they do, seeing as, like I mentioned, it can be a permadeath game if they want it to be. They don't have to use a save/load system. Just because they want to play it that way doesn't mean that they get to make everyone else do it that way too.
  6. Not that I'm taking sides here, but for all the people complaining about how the game shouldn't have a save system, two points. Unless we are talking about technical specifications, which are objective and can be assigned numerical values, how "Good" it all is is subjective. You can't really say that "It ruins the game" just because you think it does. The other guy might like it, and you can't really tell him his opinion is wrong because it's not your opinion. Additionally, if you really don't like it, then just...don't use it? It's not like you'll be held hostage and forced to make manual saves every turn.