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  1. Just thought I'd report back on my current status for endless. On Day 8 and still no 3rd agent...I've not even had any Detention missions since Day 4, just Insomniac and Friendly Conversation missions. On the bright side, both my Agents have 2 Rank 3 Cloak, so getting caught is almost impossible. Problem is I have no space for a Pass card...Banks would have made my life so much easier, shame I went for Deck/Int.
  2. Ah, good to know it's not impossible. Hopefully my luck will get better for Day 5, I really miss having that 3rd agent (hopefully Shalem 11, running 2 tranq and need someone to take out those damn null drones)
  3. I've played a couple of games in Endless Mode and i've realised all of my Detention Centre missions (9 in total) have had been exclusively prisoners, is this intentional, a bug, or am I just extremely unlucky in endless? Just wondering if anyone else has run into this. Trying to do Day 4 with 2 agents and no extra inventory slots is killing me.