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  1. Xu's ability works like EMP charge - it doesn't unlock Vault Terminals, you can't purchase from disabled stores, and so on. But Xu can open every deposit box individually (one per turn).
  2. Looks like he destroys Camera Drones and stuns any other for 4 turns. So the tooltip is very misleading.
  3. Finally I tried Dr. Xu and at first glance he looks completely overpowered. Bypass any firewall for free, once per turn, without triggering daemons? Yes please! I think his special ability should be tuned down in some way - maybe several turns cooldown, or triggering daemons, or raising alarm level, etc.
  4. Very nice update. But now agents freed from detentions centers come only with personal augment, without their custom items. Is it intentional or some bug?
  5. Well, additional mission isn't completely waste of time. You also get money, reputation and chance for loot, as in any other mission. Vaults are already the main target if you are playing for high scores, so it may not be very good idea to buff it even more.
  6. It costs 6, actually (3 per point on alarm level 2). In short, Rapier is extremely good for squad of 3-4 high level agents equipped with stims and stealth devices (you can often explore entire level on alarm level 0), and very bad after you hit alarm level 2, which is almost guarantied with two low-level agents. In conjunction with Parasite nerf we got very strange situation. It can be even easier than before to play on later game stages (assuming you survive long enough), and there is bottleneck in the beginning of the game - you have agents with low skills, you don't have proper equipment, and hacking tools which you got after getting more experience are even less reliable than Lockpick 1.0 .
  7. Even if guard watched the door, you usually don't need to KO him. Just take guard's attention (open the door or run, depends on exact situation), move to cover, wait when guard moves to investigate, and sneak around. Particularly useful if guard is armored and you don't have AP weapons. After guard investigates, it returns on his spot and stay unalerted (of course if he don't actually see your agents). Even better, if guard is "stationary", now he will look in opposite direction (usually on the wall). In my opinion, the game is pretty well balanced on early levels and too easy on later stages. When you have three upgraded agents, poor guards don't have any chances because mission difficulty scales much less than power of agents. I suppose there can be some unlucky situations when you have really bad missions set from the start and therefore can't upgrade agents and/or buy items, but hey, not every spy could be successful and not every game should be won.