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  1. How are you suppose to do that when the game literally forces you to rush through rooms as fast as possible so that taking advantage of stealth is so hard, and necessitates KOing guards because they are watching the door you need to get through because the level lay out often provides such limited corridors to the elevator and objective?
  2. This game is absolutely brutal. The best I EVER did, was get to mission #5. And you know what? I was so close to pulling it off without any hitch. (Extraction mission, was at Alarm lvl 3, had delt with 3 guards and had them down good for many rounds) and then, in ONE enemy turn, I got fucked by a guard (who came out of no where, spawned somewhere but I had got no info, didn't even know there was a door where he came out of!) who saw all my agents, and downed one on the same turn without me even getting a chance for cover. He then called a 2 extra guards nearby on me, and another 2 nearby finally woke up, lost my second agent, I had my 3rd running around trying to get back to them to use my 2 Medkits, but by the time I was able to get back to them and all the rest of the guards had FINALLY left, the alert level was 6, and I actually managed to get both guards back up, and I was literally about to get away, and again, another guard popped into the room and I got dogpiled again and finally died. It was insane, like, wtf could I not get a fkin break? Balance complaints- Dekard and Shalam are both non-competative, Internationale and Banks (god especially Banks) are just way, way better. Power Drip and Lockpick suck compared to Fusion and Parasite. Fusion just hands down is better than Power Drip, Lockpick at least has the advantage over Parasite in that if you need to crack stuff fast, it can do that (although you can always get Dagger). Gameplay complaints- The Taser's cooldown is too long. There are countless times I got dogpiled by guards because my tasers were on cooldown and there were too many too fast, this is especially true given how quickly guards get back up. (2 turn cooldown would be much better) Guards wakeup cooldown is too short. Being able to pin them barely solves anything, keeping guards down long enough to get away/do something is an epic juggling act. This is why Banks is so OP, because she can put down 1 guard for much longer due to her item. The only way to divert guards is through Ping or getting seen/***** with a door. It wouldn't be so bad if Ping's cooldown wasn't so bad, but god once you have 4 guards prowling around your agents it's impossible to clear a mission without some major luck. Turrets are fairly useless when you hack them. It takes 2 turns just to get them to shoot something, and there have been plenty of times when I needed to kill a guard but because of wierd positioning it wouldn't shoot back. Turrets should immediately kill guards when you turn them on. Guards who can shoot your agents on the same enemy turn they spot your agents need to be removed, or only spawn at Alarm level 5 or 6. They are simply unfair. Minor pet peeves- The alarm level begins at 1 instead of 0, I would like that extra turn please. Also, mission objectives either need to be displayed on the map, or we should get double the time before the security cameras come up, because I am sick of getting screwed by maps getting generated with false leads that take me 2 Alarm levels to find the elevator or vault room. Agents can't move through other agents spaces. Plenty of times I have fked myself for a turn because I moved an agent to a door and only realized after that said agent was out of movement and I couldn't get a second agent through the same door. Equipment from stores is too limited in choice. Frankly, you should be able to buy at least basic equipment inbetween missions. Terminals should have reduced price items. Also, there should be a damned confirm option to sell stuff, because I screwed myself once by accidentally clicking something I just bought (and it was expensive) Ammo shouldn't take a slot. The fact that it does makes ranged weapons suck compared to upgraded tasers. Anarchy lvl2 is lame, I never use the ability because any guard I steal from I take down. Rarely do guards have patrol patterns easy enough to circumvent to allow them to stay where they are. A lot of times when I peek into rooms, I can see that the floor is being watched by a camera, but I can't actually see the camera. That's bogus.