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  1. I completely agree that while it's a fun concept, the game is way too unbalanced as it is. I'm a pretty experienced strategy gamer, at the 7 hour mark, and I still have yet to complete a single mission with both agents intact. Maybe I've just been terribly unlucky, or I don't really "get" the game, but it's incredibly frustrating. Here are my impressions so far: The Good: - Concept - I like the peeking, spying, and slinking around - Art - solid and edgy, especially the animated character portraits - Music - Atmospheric and tense but not too intense - Colorblind options - Thoughtful and fun to play with even if you're not colorblind The Bad: - Some spelling and formatting errors, which I'll detail in a separate post The Ugly: - I HATE the idea that agents of a supposedly advanced spy agency are somehow dropped in the middle of a room with no floor plan of the building or any idea how to get out. How did they get there in the first place? This is a ridiculous flaw in logic. They should, at the very least, have an idea of what area the elevator is in. - This same international spy agency, which is flying agents all over the world, somehow cannot afford to supply agents with even basic weapons or ammunition, and forces them to buy from their enemies? That seems like a great strategy. - The learning curve is too steep. There should at least be one or two "less guarded" missions to get players' feet wet and learn how guards move, etc. The tutorial is not enough. I feel like I was thrown to the wolves. - The alarm level goes up too quickly. I get that it's a kind of timer for the mission, but what is the justification for it going up by simply being in the building unnoticed? I think it shouldn't start going up until you are seen/heard or stun a guard. Overall I still feel it could be a really fun game, but it's a chore to play at the moment. Maybe the option of restarting the same mission with the same layout would help.