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  1. @the truthseeker: I didn't upload save game, for "bad" levels they only request the seed, which is in the text I pasted from the F1 command while in the level. I did not upload the save, but I still have it, so if they request I will attach it.
  2. This board also exhibits a room with the "furniture blocks path between unlocked doors" however, it's less disastrous as the guards with pass cards are accessible. INVISIBLE, INC. branches/EarlyAccessHotFix.109968 USER '36159682@Steam' GAME ko.3860843584
  3. Waited for alarm level to rise, got a few more guards but none had security key, oddly one had a med gel, haven't seen that before.
  4. Bug Submission: Category: Gameplay Platform: PC Issue Title: unsolvable level Issue Description: This level is unsolveable due to being blocked by a security door, and a room where furniture blocks access from the two unsecured doors on the route from start to finish. This could have been over come by allowing the security with keycards to unlock, or at least use, the locked door while attempting to reach a location of interest. I could have setup a guard to search for me and then ambushed him after he went though the locked door. Steps to Reproduce: recreate level as provided: INVISIBLE, INC. branches/EarlyAccessHotFix.109968 USER '36159682@Steam' GAME ko.1761530367 DxDiag: DxDiag.txt