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  1. There is my point, exactly: I think there are too many occasions where you lose without making a mistake - and that causes frustration. I know about cover mechanics, the pitfalls of taking out guards, how armour works, etc. You can only really make a mistake if you have an alternative option to choose, and often, there simply is none. Like I wasn't running blindly into the room with the drones. I already was in this (empty) room and on the next turn, two drones and one guard entered it from two sides and there had been no "patrolling" indicators (the yellow/red arrows). Unfortunately, I keep forgetting about making screenshots, but the reason why I bring those issues up is really to give some feedback for a work in progress. After all, I want this game to be as good as possible, or I wouldn't have spent the money on it.
  2. Unfortunately, the layout was such that I could not get anything in time. I had to leave right away without a chance to take anything. On the other occasion: where would I run to? There was nowhere to hide in the adjacent room and no alternative routes. The "guarded" door also was a security door I could not get through without taking a Passkey from one of the guards first - and I had no means of taking them out. Today I had two drones and one guard entering the room on what seemed to be a regular patrol, I had not drawn any attention - after all it was the second room I entered on the map.
  3. Hi everyone! I can very much relate to those who think that the game is a little too frustrating in its current state. Like the Alarm System, as many have already pointed out, rushing the player too much. This would make more sense if you were able to plan ahead, weigh out risks and benefits, but the random maps and "blind" approach do not allow for that. I had multiple occasions where I stumbled into an "unbeatable" situation right after the first couple of rooms and would really have liked to cut my losses and pull out, maybe just leaving through the original entry point, but couldn't. I would really prefer the Alarm System to trigger on player actions instead of the turn count, at least as an option. It really prevents you from scouting a level in order to make informed decisions. As it is, you just rush towards one direction and pretty much need to follow through with it or get screwed by the timer. If it's a dead end, the game is pretty much over. I constantly ran into situations I immediately knew I couldn't resolve in any satisfactory way. Like finding a dead-end hallway with two guard/enforcer spawns and the elevator at the end behind the first door I opened. After a look at the other door out of the starting room, it was obvious that I would never be able to get anywhere in time before my way out would be completely blocked by the additional guards. Or a small room (3x6) with two armoured guards looking straight at the only other door. I could not take them out because of the armour and I could not get past them. And the room was a bottleneck. Game over. Knocking out guards also is a curious issue. Disabling them for two turns just isn't enough to get the team out of "investigation range", pinning and/or dragging them costs too much time and I rarely ever encountered guards in a setup where I would have been able to sneak past them. Might be the RMG screwing me again, but even then, this suggests that the randomisation parameters need tweaking. Killing them instead is seldomly an option in my opinion. Depending on the weapon used, it costs 200-400 credits in ammunition (provided you can find any ammo in the first place) plus clean-up, the alarm counter is raised by 2, and you might attract unwanted attention of other guards you did not even become aware of yet. I'd really like to be able to knock out guards for good, maybe drag them to a safe spot where they won't be woken up by their colleagues and continue with the mission. Also, the agent upgrades seem pretty superfluous at the moment. I've played quite a bit now and did a whooping total of two agent upgrades (additional MP for Shalem). Not that they might not be useful, but I simply never had enough cash to spend on them. It definitely felt good after the initial failed attempts to have the first successful missions, going in, grabbing some stuff and leaving - until I realised that this had not in any way improved my situation. No actually useful items, no considerable advantage through agent upgrades, the "reward" was instead the difficulty spike providing me with unwinnable situations right on the next mission. Sorry, but that is frustrating. I really like the concept of the game but I miss a real sense of progress and accomplishment. And please don't say I just haven't figured out the intricacies of the tactical game mechanics yet, because that really isn't the point I am trying to make, which is that the luck factor outweighs the tactical factor by too far at the moment. The game too often presents me with situations which either leave me no options at all or only options which make things worse regardless of my choice. So there is not really a choice or tactics involved.