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  1. In my first (somewhat) successfull endless game i got so far 2 detention centers and 2 agents, right after rescuing the 2nd agent i went on a mission with drones, parasited one and next turn the game crashed and now so far i been unable to reload the save without having the game crash .
  2. The game is good but the bad part is the missions having the alarm ticking right from the start while you are given absolutely no clues to where there is the exit elevator and the rooms of interest. On top of this the pressure caused by the time encourages you to do things quickly sometimes causing things that you couldn't predict screw you over and make you lose an agent, or the entire run. In some other games like xcom things out of your control such as alien pods unexpectedly showing up or an unlikely shot hitting can crew you over but not as much as in as losing (a) soldier(s) usually doesnt critically cripple your run as (if you are skilled) you have more trained soldiers in backup in the HQ.