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  1. Horticulture should not be buffed. She should get more interesting books in her rework instead. One book I think would work really well is:

    Forgotten Knowledge: 5 uses - Place on the ground when crafting an item to mark the book. The book then allows you to craft that item wherever the book is until it runs out of uses. This works best on recipes from immobile crafting stations like Ancient Pseudoscience and Lunar. It also has niche use as a portable Cartography Table/Think Tank, and to share normal science recipes with players who have not prototyped the item yet.

  2. 8 hours ago, CremeLover said:

    Not very high priority, but some big sink for items that tend to accumulate, such as stingers and hound teeth, would be appreciated.

    Also, some more uses for steel wool and walrus tusk.

    I would still like some more variety, but currently boat patches and bramble traps are a sink for stingers, blow darts and tooth traps are a sink for teeth, and steel wool and walrus tusk are used in beefalo taming.

  3. The command to return a player to the character select screen is the same as deleting an entity. Simply hover your mouse over the player you wish to reset and enter:


    Note that this deletes all the items in the player's inventory and their research progression, just like starting a fresh character would.

  4. I had a feeling the devs would do that. It seems the perfect solution. No messing around, no nonsense approach. Keeps Chester that more special and that much more important.

    I can see teams splitting up and fighting over who takes Chester. Klei just created the start of something brilliant:

    Capture the Chester.


    I can deffinitly see games of "Capture the Chester" becoming a thing. Even whole servers and maps dedicated to it. :D

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