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  1. If you say you are going to go fetch someone from spawn, or that you are bringing X resource back to base, make sure you are immediately doing it. It is easy to become distracted and often in the time it takes to help the new player, they could have done the thing themselves instead of waiting for you.
  2. Diving locations at sea! Drop a diving bell to have a way up/down as well as a safe spot for air. Explore underwater reefs, shipwrecks, and ruins! Experience a new assortment of creatures both friendly and... less so. Also experience turbulent water currents that affect your movement to spice up the combat experience!
  3. Now that Klei have finished working on this big story arc, it's time for them to focus on something smaller. That being smallbirds. This is a very old bit of content that needs some love. It is something that players do once (if even) and then never again. A grown up smallbird attacking you instead of staying allied or going neutral and forming a nest nearby is disappointing Adult tallbirds casually murdering their smallbird babies come spring is confusing too Some of you sadists out there like that we can't have nice things. However, domesticated beefalo attack only if you neglect them too much. All I want is for raised tallbirds to do the same.
  4. Because while the team is fighting bosses Wortox is busy disorganizing everyone's chests.
  5. All you have to do is reverse his name. wagstaff -> ffatsgaw fatsaw To summon Wagstaff, all players must do the Bonesaw emote simultaneously next to the portal.
  6. All these abilities relate to the spider on the outside, but what of the little boy on the inside?
  7. He definitely has some of my favorite quotes in the game. I just wish his mechanics were more fun.
  8. Beefalo Widget. A non-obtrusive mod that visually helps you learn how beefalo taming works. I like this on better than the "on-hover" beefalo info mod since it has a nice visual display.
  9. Don't Starve Together: Together New DST event. Whenever you come in contact with another player, you two stick together. You'll need to work in unison to move around and feed your joined stomach. This doesn't stop at two players though, eventually become a mass of body parts with all players inputting their own movement commands. What better way to help a new player, than to become one with them?
  10. Warly's early game recipes are just normal, good recipes. Being able to carry a crockpot anywhere in the world means you can take advantage of food you might normally pass up. On most charecters, I don't make a point to wack the bee queen as I pass by for her honey. Usually she isn't close to base, and I want that inventory slot for something else. With a portable crockpot, you just make honey nuggets/ham on the spot and keep adventuring. The same can be said for the fish you get from merm heads, or tallbird eggs you would usually pass by. Not having to lug this food all the way back to base to make it worth eating is Warly's biggest advantage.
  11. "Ooh la la, the things I could do with you!" Warly, when examining a pig head.
  12. Grim world I live in A blue collared shirt I wear Enjoying this skin
  13. Have The Gnaw come visit the Constant after the first few years! The sky is hungry!
  14. Add some intuitive cooling options for summer. In winter, you know fire=warmth. In summer though, you have all these wacky cloths/items you need in order to cool down. Being able to drink water from ponds, or cover yourself in mud from the swamp, would be a great intuitive cooling option for summer.
  15. I want this more than anything else. I don't like feeling like I've "beaten" the game after the first year.
  16. Variety healing food can be easier to come by than you might think. Take the bee queen biome for example. In this biome, you've got froggle bunwich (20), butter muffin (20), honey nuggets (20), turkey dinner (20), spicy chilli (20), trail mix (30), honey ham (30), fishsticks (40), surf n' turf (60). You can double up on these just fine too for most of the health benefit.
  17. If you eat for example 2 meatballs one immediatly after the other, sure the second meatball gives 90% value, but the timer is still only at 2 days (the same as eating only one meatball). I try to double up on any dishes I eat, so that by the time I'm hungry again the timer is close to expiring. With that you just need to swap between two or so high hunger dishes.
  18. I didn't see any mention of Warly's Chef's Pouch. With two less slots than a backpack, it keeps your food fresh about half as well as an Ice Box or Insulation Pack. With this, you can carry a stack of big meat, monster meat, and then filler like carrots as you explore. You don't need to make dishes at base, take them adventuring, and then return for more food. Instead, with these three ingredients always with you, you can make a huge variety of dishes. By grabbing an additional ingredient or two as you pass by (like honey, frog legs, turkey legs, butterflies), you can make even more! The only downside of the 6 slots (3+ of which are dedicated to food) is the inventory management issues before you make your first chest. I usually try to follow the brick road and find Chester to help with this. The ability to always be next to a crockpot (I always, always carry one on me) really opens the world to what you can do. When passing through a swamp, you no longer just leave the fish on the ground thinking they take up too much space, and spoil too quickly. You scoop them up and make surf n' turf, fishsticks, and meatballs right then and there. You don't really have to plan ahead as much with the Chef's Pouch, and having the core ingredients on you at all times, you just need to think on your feet and cook the world around you!
  19. I want to know who built WX-78. I want WX to interact more with the mechanical machinations in the constant.
  20. I want more monsters that require positioning to defeat. I really liked those scorpions from The Forge that shot acid in one direction, forcing you to swing around and hit them from the other side.
  21. How about this for a new ocean destination. The north poll island spawns at the north of the map. Inhabited by: Walrus: Act like pigmen with a blowdart attack, neutral unless you steal an item from something they have just killed. Walrus Guards: Roam in packs atop Woolyphants. Hostile during hunting season. Lion Seal: Similar to wolves. Hunt at sea, rest on land. Pengul: The rabbits of the north. Rest on land, flee to sea when scared. Don't Starve weirdness: Polar Fear Vortex: A massive swirling vortex of cold that causes year long winters every few game years. Can be damaged by lighting fires on its perimeter. Tries to knock players away with gusts of wind. Slower player movement speeds will be moved less, higher speeds will be knocked back more. Spawns Polar Bears to defend itself which turn into Polar Fears when the vortex is injured enough.