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  1. I like the game. I have played it over 8 hours. It is fun, but this game will not appeal to the majority. It is more for people who enjoy losing. The majority of people like to win. This game, as it is currently constituted, makes the players into losers who lose a lot. What is the fun of that? I have yet to get past the fourth city. Yes, I know, I am supposed to learn from my mistakes. As I see it, two things are needed. First: Maps of the warrens. Real world Operators are given approximate diagrams of the buildings they are to infiltrate and some idea of where everything is at. As it stands right now, mistakes are really made because there is too much of a need just to find the exit then find the valuables. If you find the valuables and no exit, what is the point? Either more exits or maps of the compound. Second: Guards. I have come face to face with guards time and again. Why is it, the operator can only attack the guard from behind or the side? Why can't the guard be attacked from the front? Real world Operators KILL the guards they encounter. At least, incapacitate them enough so that they are totally out of the equation. And what happens to the gun the guard used? Why would any Operator in his right mind, leave the gun with the guard he just brought down? As it stands right now, the guard wakes up and starts to hunt the Agent who put him down with the gun that he always has. A good tweek for the guard is some sort of plastic wire ties and gag. It might take the Operator some time to truss the guard up, but that would be the trade-off. The guns could be only useful for a guard, but keeping it away from him should be paramount and if it is a smart gun, useful only to one guard, that could be considered loot as well. One minor thing, at what XP level do new Agents and things become available? I am accumulating points, but I don't have any realistic idea of what I am aiming at. It could be something as simple as, you need 10,000 XP to unlock Banks or something for incognita.