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  1. As someone said already, I think an important tactic (at least for surviving) is knowing when a mission is impossible and early exfiltration is the only option. At first I was playing to win every mission but I have had scenarios such as a hostage rescue where there have been 3 guards just sitting in the cell block!! - I did try and complete this at the time only to get ganked pretty badly. Bottlenecks are killer, and yeah worst is when you have hit alarm level 5 without knowing where the elevator is!! I love roguelike games so I don't mind the death failure and restarting (I used to play ADOM where 90% of games end up with you being crippled or killed by the first rat you encounter) but I think this game could be a lot more fun if they shift the direction a little, I think the key to this is just adding lots of fun content and again as people have mentioned on this thread already, actually give the player a chance to use it. Think of having a range of items to cool or slow down the alarm, traps to booby-trap doors or bodies etc. Personally I like the fact that the intense story/campaign is there but I would like a kind of "career mode" where missions are perhaps more balanced in your favor and you can just enjoy the stealth mechanics a bit more leisurely, make more use of firearms or whatever, I'm sure the devs have cool stuff in store for us though whichever way they decide to take it, if they just make it easier we will all complete it in beta and then forget about it