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  1. Do drag KO'd guards out of others' line of sight. As in Mark of the Ninja, other guards will go on the hunt if they see a KO'd or dead guard; if you have the AP and know their patrol routes, drag them to hidden locations. Do use stims on non-agents. When rescuing prisoners, they tend to be short on AP. Give 'em a boost so they can keep up with your team. Stand next to them to apply the stim. Don't close the both doors to guard boxes to use them as cover. In the temporary final mission in story mode, I thought I could brazenly outwit the guards by hiding in one of the empty guard boxes they teleport into. I closed both doors and couldn't open them again. Neither Banks nor a console hack granting access to secure doors could open them. Other notes: The max security level is 6. If you don't mind the cleanup cost at the end, well...