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  1. I have to say that I love the game and the concept. I've always enjoyed rogue-like elements in games where it's possible to be dealt a really crappy hand or an absolutely outstanding one. It keeps a game fresh and keeps you coming back for more. That said, I'd have to say I have one minor complaint: the alarm level. First off, I like the mechanic. It keeps you moving, adds pressure, punishes you for dilly dallying around and it's quite effective at that. However, it goes up and up and up and up and up and it's just from the player being present, not because of anything reasonable like the player changing things in the environment (hacking stations, cracking safes, stealing stuff, knocking out guards, etc.) All that has to happen is the player be present. If you pass every turn (which is a no-no) the alarm rate still goes up? Why? Are the guards smoking something that makes them more paranoid as their shift goes on? Why is there no way for the player to combat increasingly nervous guards? When a guard wakes up... why doesn't he call for help looking for why he's missing the last ten minutes of his life? The only reason I have any complaint about the lack of influence (not control -- I don't want absolute control over the alarm level) is the fact that there are so many random elements that it seems to me careful play should be rewarded in some way and from the games that I have played it's currently rewarded by an increase in difficulty and ultimately doom. It's a stealth game that doesn't reward you (much) for covering your tracks as it stands now. Should the clock start ticking when a player hacks a camera, hacks a terminal, cracks a safe, leaves a door open along a patrol route? Sure. Start that clock and increase the alarm level. Should it just be rolling by default? I don't think so. Why suspect a break in when you have no indication one is happening?