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  1. I have setup a dedicated server, for local play. Everything seems to work fine, until either myself or son tries to leave the caves. When we do, screen changes to loading, and then eventually you get not responding and have to reconnect. You reconnect and everything is fine. going into the caves works fine. And we've only tried this 3 times and all 3 times so far have had it happen, i have not tried rebooting the server or anything and not sure where I may see log information. The last time it happened I noticed my son eventually was killed by the bats leaving the cave while he was just staring at a loading screen, so it seems like an issue with talking back to the client and not talking from slave to master, etc. Any ideas where to start?
  2. so im pretty sure the family stress point is failing now, after some testing. c_skip does seem to age the crops properly, so thanks for that. still not sure why a crop can be part of family even when its in a format such as potato below. X X X X X X X P X X X X X X X P X X X X X P X X X P X X X X X X X X X X It seems like the Potatoes, shouldnt be part of a family, but it works, so not exactly sure how the check is happening. Actually even simplier how does X P P P P X work, seems like the outside crops should be too far apart.
  3. I've been struggling with giant crops, and thinking it's the family bonus. I feel like within 4 "tills" of each other was working but now it seems it doesn't. I'm not 100% sure it's three family bonus, my balance nutrient pairings could be out of date. If you numbered all tills left to right 1-36 in 6 rows. Should like plants are family stress relief if they were in tills 1,4,7, for instance? What about, 1,2,19,20? I'm not sure how 1,2,3,4 seems to work if the others don't. Is there any console commands to speed the steps up? Is like to test on another world, but waiting 4 days between crops is brutal. My son said advancing the day didn't seem to really advance the crop.
  4. They are showing up now, not sure why, perhaps we were being impatient.
  5. Guess I'm not sure. They were 1200 points a piece, they weren't the pictures, I now that. They dont show up when I try to craft like the other skins do, i.e. pirate birdcage. Also the thread doesnt seem to match up with whats actually in game either, but it does show up in DST as "recently discovered"
  6. So, I guess I don't totally understand this rewards thing. I havent played in a really long time, and my son and I just started playing again, but we both noticed we had some reward points in our accounts, so we both selected some different skins like the crystalline honeydome and crystralline icebox. However, we dont seem to be able to craft them yet, and they dont show up under the belongings tab with our other stuff. Is this reaward just the right for it to drop in the world and be able to craft it after that? or am I missing something else to redeem it?