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  1. Love this idea. If they aren't planning it, they should be. Unlockable bonus options, like in XCOM, to shake things up can go a long way towards adding replayability. As it stands now, as much fun as this game is, I don't see myself playing a lot 6 months down the line.
  2. I'd agree with this sentiment. I've often had maps where there's one room you need to go through to get anywhere, like a hub and spokes set up. Sometimes there's enough cover and scarce enough guards, but I've also had guards stuck stationary staring at doors you simply must move through, or two or three guards patrolling a choke point room. And once you start knocking out guards, in a room that everyone is moving through, it can snowball fast.
  3. I'll be honest, for the first couple of hours, my sentiments matched that of the op, and I was frustrated. I remember feeling like the game was completely luck based, and I was losing without knowing why. What changed was my attitude. I started approaching the game differently. I found if I approached it less as a hardcore strategy game, where you're investing and building up the team, and accepted that I was going to be restarting, that each game was disposable, things got better. I started experimenting more, learning more tricks on how to approach things. I was less cautious, more aggressive, and while that sometimes made things harder on me, I found I was able to learn a lot more about the game and was able to mitigate the luck. Even then I got to the final mission and couldn't get the hostage out. I got him 3 tiles away from the elevator. But rather than being frustrated, I was super excited by what I had been able to do, and the xp unlocked Banks which made the game way more fun. For the most part, I can get two or three missions in before losing, but for me that's the game. I've said it on another thread, but this isn't XCOM where you're making a commitment and spending days or weeks building up a game and a team, and then it's catastrophic when something goes wrong. It's a different beast entirely, and requires a different mind set. It's more Don't Starve, where failure is expected, and even necessary to unlock new toys. And it's a whole lot of fun That's just my opinion though, and the game is young yet. If the actual game is longer than 3 days (which it looks like it will be) it will be a whole 'nother can of worms. Failing on day 2 because the odds were against you is fine. Failing on day 7 because a guard changed his patrol route last minute to go camp the elevator is not.
  4. My one tip? Since you're going to fail and restart a lot in the beginning, don't be afraid of trying something crazy, or testing a theory about how you think the game works. Worst case, you're restarting, but you're probably going to anyway. But odds are you'll learn something about how the mechanics work, or how the guards behave, like line of sight or pinning guards to keep them knocked out (experimentation is how I learned both of those.)