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  1. They're two competely different characters that fulfil different roles. Just because they can both tame large groups of adds doesn't make them comparable. An example of their differences in this instance: Spiders are more "throw it a wall" style minions. Easy to amass and easy to dispose (sans the warrior-style spiders and medics) Good for killing and good for gathering big meat, glands and silk via civil wars. Whereas Merms are more of a specalist unit, better sutied for harvesting big forests and quarries/marble trees for little-to-no cost, and fighting bosses such as Bee Queen. Besides that, their other passives couldn't be any more different, and are both more then well deserving to exist. And please, dont let this thread devolve into bad faith arguments.
  2. If you do this when you're bored I wanna see what you do when you're productive, that's really well done!
  3. As somebody who had the skin... We had it for like, 6 years or however long I think... I already got my milage from it a long time ago. If it makes people happy that they can finally have it then I'd want nothing more. Time-limited stuff and FOMO sucks! When you reward people for being early, you're also punshing those who are late. Besides I don't see the skin as a 'reward' for being an early player/tester. The real reward was being able to play the game and enjoy it sooner (damn that sounded lame) That, and being able to keep the game after the beta test which I'm pretty sure wasn't even promised
  4. Are the bramble husk changes from the Beta included in this update or was it missed in the patchnotes?
  5. Thanks for this! It seems the regen is about 5hp every few seconds, and - according to a comment in tuning - is enough for Merms to fully heal within 2 days! The Wurt update featuring WX-78 tweaks
  6. Please all these changes will turn me from a Wurt main into a Wurt evangelist. This too. If your King dies and theres no Merms left nearby, you're without a King for winter. Totally didn't happen to me yesterday or anything.
  7. Damn... It's been over 7 years and I still die to darkness way more often then I want to admit.
  8. Big yes on better rewards. The trinkets feel like they exist soley to make getting tentacle spots harder... Which is fine but I'd rather have something slightly more useful as pittence. On my current playthrough I've gotten way more gold then I'll ever need in a signifcantly shorter time than usual for myself and others. I just leave the trinkets on the ground for the moles to take. Cookie cutter shells would be nice. I'd like to see Mosqito sacks drop as well since they're the only thing left from the swamp that Wurt can't procure from the King. Well, besides tentacle spikes which I would like to see, maybe only from really heavy fish (the ones Pearl accepts) but I can understand if they wanna keep those harder to get.
  9. I'd really like one slot circuts that improve work speed, like picking grass and twigs and such. Maybe even one that lets him harvest stuff with tools faster in exchange for higher durability consumption like Wolfgang. Obviously not as strong as him, but just a nice boost here and there. With diminishing returns of course unless you really wanna stack 6 of them and turn into a sentient combine harvester.
  10. I'd love to just carry the giant fish whilst they're alive. The image of a giant scorching sunfish giving off as much light as a fully stoked campfire is somthing I didn't know I wanted.
  11. I'm an absolute huge fan of how feeding 1 Merm now counts for most in an area (I think its up to 5 additional merms when feeding a Merm guard?) Costs me significantly less food and effort now, plus no micromanging multiple different Merms stomachs whenever I want to take an army somewhere!
  12. I can't be the only one who saw "Dronemaster" and got excited about the prospect of an upgrade that let you command an army of bee-robots? Heck I'll even take a Jimmy upgrade. The life regen is cool and all but... doesn't scream "DRONEMASTER" to me.
  13. Massive yes on giving more stuff to trade for. Give us a reason to catch the more obscure fish like Sweetish Fish, Fallounder and Corn cod. Speaking of which: Please stop the King from eating the corn-based fish :> I don't think Wurt is all too pleased seeing her King just devour a fish whole.. even if its more corn then fish.
  14. Either way, once you hit their house with a hammer they stay outside of their house and don't go back in, functioning as they do outside of winter.
  15. It happened around winter, merms just entered their houses and never came out until we hit them with a hammer, forcing them to come out and act normally again.