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  1. Either way, once you hit their house with a hammer they stay outside of their house and don't go back in, functioning as they do outside of winter.
  2. It happened around winter, merms just entered their houses and never came out until we hit them with a hammer, forcing them to come out and act normally again.
  3. The Scalemail skins are now crafted with the log suit skins! Like how spear skins also reskin staves
  4. It summons a lil flame dude to throw fireballs at enemies! Theres also a new spear that lets you target an area to jump to it seems.
  5. I can confirm the forge beta has concluded! Was lots of fun! Thanks guys xoxo
  6. You will keep any skins you earn while the event is live, yes. Both free and purchased! (skins earned in the beta will however go away as im sure you know ^^) ..Except the Challenger skins, the free basic skins you get for all characters right away. They can only be used during the event, after that they're gone.
  7. Hey, i have a question about your post with the description of all the Forge ennemies.
    How did you get the gif for each one ? I would like to get the animation for each character too with their gladiator skin.

    1. Ashkain


      Oh I got them from this post under the oiriginal update: here

      Instant-Noodles always does a sprite dump like that after an update, check his post history for more (i really should of credited him, imma do that)

      But in my thread I also used pictures that were not in his post. To get these I had to crack open the DST directory and use a certain tool (Textool) to convert the animation .tex files (texture files) into a .png, then I just pieced the sprites together. 

      But If you're looking for all of the skins side-by-side, Instant-Noodles already did that! Though they're not animated. You'll have to talk to him about that.

  8. Have you tried deleting the file then validating it through steam? It should cause steam to re download the missing files.
  9. Awesome! Thanks for the info and for giving us this opportunity, it's been one of the most solid betas I've ever participated in, and since we're keeping our levels, feels more like a head start then a beta Thanks to everyone at Klei for making one banging' update and I can't wait for its official release.
  10. This happens when combat starts. I'm pretty sure its intentional to reduce screen clutter for those who fight via clicking.
  11. @PeterA Also, another mistake could be with the Staff skins, they say they "Reskins Ice/Fire Staffs" where surely It should be "Fire/Ice Staves" instead. I'm sure both work fine, but "Staffs" feels weird. It could be an American English thing.
  12. Skins you own won't appear in the beta branch and vice-versa as mentioned here.
  13. All skins that replace torches say they "Reskins Torchs" instead of "Reskins Torches" Same applies with the The End Is Nigh! skin
  14. When in survival mode, inspecting your character sheet will always display your account level as 1. (Tried on a private server alone, no caves)
  15. I don't know If I can speak for everyone, but I'd much much rather pay a small premium for a skin directly instead of gambling away on boxes... uughghghg. I'm glad Klei are offering that for the upcoming event, thankfully.