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  1. How about you let her tape repair armour and weapons, BUT: will also reduce the maximum durability of the item when repaired. This would be hard to work with since the repairs are percentage based, so instead maybe make the tape fully repair an item but then reduce the maximum durability by 25%, meaning you can only effectively repair something 3 times, but with a shorter life time each repair. It could be shown by the durability number changing in colour: Yellow on the first tape, orange on the second and red on the last. This would call for the tape requiring a larger cost (maybe ewewcus phlegm?.. but then it should be able to repair boss and magical stuff if thats the case. maybe.) This helps her tape extend the life of items, but not indefinitely.
  2. I don't know If I can speak for everyone, but I'd much much rather pay a small premium for a skin directly instead of gambling away on boxes... uughghghg. I'm glad Klei are offering that for the upcoming event, thankfully.
  3. oh please dear god don't be those pay to open kind of boxes
  4. The Forge. Q&A

    One thing I wanna know is if these new megacool events will be seasonal and return the following years? It's just what I asked for in a thread long ago! So after we get a nice set of events all year round, in the future there will always be something to look forward to. (until you get bored of the events) But I can see why people would be worried about this announcement, not because they just want more content now but for the future of DST. I cant say i'm a fan if the events replace content updates that affect the base game, and would much rather prefer base game updates over events. Which could possibly happen after the first "year" of events. Hopefully. Or they just end up doing normal content updates at the same time. That's an ideal scenario!
  5. This, I just wanna be able to show off my shiny elegants... to myself. I feel so naked without my skins when I play DS. :C
  6. The forge looks fun as heck, I can't wait to throw down the gauntlet in there. However I'm kinda upset that the forge wont affect much of the normal game... unless we can somehow take those badass weapons and armour (even the enemies) out of the forge somehow, then i'll be 200% down for that. (people are gonna mod them out of there anyway :>)
  8. Oof that evil grease monkey skin is hella sick
  9. I'm glad shes here but... this release feels kinda... weak? Like not even a fancy drawing (ok sure theres one on twitter, but ya didnt even put that in the update post?) for the latest character in YEARS? Just.. "Winona has entered the world of Don’t Starve Together". I hate to come off as entitled but I honestly expected more oomf then that. Oh well! New characters are always fun! NOW SOMEONE GET HER SKINS NVM I LOVE YOU
  10. Meet Winona!

    Ah awesome, shes voiced by the iconic instrument, a rubber band.
  11. Half crafting time seems ok. But if you really wanna rub me the right way, make it so shes also faster at harvesting stuff like grass and twigs... and other menial tasks I can't think of right now.
  12. I'm now suddenly ok if she remains exclusive for a little while longer. :>
  13. Meet Winona!

    I'm more interested in seeing how long Klei wanna keep up their radio silence. SERIOUSLY GUYS YOU'RE KILLING US. SAY SOMETHING.
  14. Meet Winona!

    Yeah, you're right, its too early to assume this is all we got. But still, a new character announcement would of felt cooler if we got a video first. Maybe I'm just needy :>
  15. Meet Winona!

    Honestly I didn't expect much at all, if anything the announcement was a pleasant surprise; Its just that the announcement felt like a whimper for something pretty big imo. They could of done some sick comic or a little teaser (not another full fledged arg since we just had one). The announcement we got is perfectly fine, its just that I feel we could of gotten something more ~extravagant~ to build up hype. Ah well! But yeah, I perfectly understand releasing her along side the Xbox release to help draw in attention to it. "NEW CHARACTER!" Would be a pretty good selling point for people looking to enter the series. "Oh sick a new character! They must still support this game!" is perfectly understandable