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  1. Not really the point to dismiss the idea, imo. Klei has resource and the more players satisfy with the game, the more they are going to buy it. The more they can polish and expand the game. XCOM proved that both options can exist side by side without degrading the difficulty of the game. I highly doubt that adding/changing save feature is particularly taxing.
  2. that's a bit aggressive. From my perspective, the game is intended to be longer than four mission (hinted by the final mission) and with the current hardcore (or ironman for XCOM) mode many players won't be able to finish the campaign. Right now when the agent is down, you have no backup whatsoever to replace the team that MIA and the game practically force you to restart... hours down the drain. While many players interpret this situation as challenge, many simply don't. The game can cater both types of player easily by adding manual saving and different leaderboard (if there will be one) for each type of game. Problem solved.
  3. I don't think that labeling certain difficulty as easy is going to upset the player. All we need is incentive to beat higher difficulty. Take a look at XCOM:EU/EW for a moment. There are multiple modes to choose ranging from easy to impossible to accommodate the playerbase. There is an ironman mode for those who enjoy challenge (hardcore, no manual saving) similar to the current design of Invisible inc. Players love it because it caters wider range of audience without losing the hair-pulling, nail-biting difficulty from the original (or very close to it). You can even add more mutators to increase difficulty in particular run for more fun! I played that game for 200 hours and beat classic/ironman mode, it was wonderful experience. (well, after about 50 botched runs and losing an army of recruits) After 6 hours spent with Invisible inc. I think the source of difficulty is lack of gear progression for our agent and reliance on power. In the second day, the guard start wearing armor and that's a source of annoyance that can not be fixed without luck. No skill involved. I managed to find just one extremely powerful taser with armor piercing. Power requirement are really annoying because it forces players to deal with randomized initial power with power drip. If you play a non-power drip setup, start with 0 power, the second room is covered with camera - you are done. What I would like to see (excluding difficulty and optional hardcore mode) - A way to avoid camera without using power. Perhaps moving the camera's LoS each turn so that agent can sneak into the room and hide behind a cover without using incognito. - A blind spot for camera. - Gear swap between mission, I can't find any and swapping during the mission is a waste of turn. - Gear upgrade or research panel. Making sure that the agents are up to the task.
  4. I absolutely adore this game but I don't think the current difficulty and hardcore design will draw much attention from the majority of gamers. Admittedly, the idea of dying over and over again to learn the rope doesn't fit with many of us. Some of us like to play the game to experience it without too much frustration. While I understand Klei's design from its previous game like Don't starve, I think something should be made with Invisible inc. to accommodate more casual gamers. One game that I can see as a recent example is XCOM: Enemy unknown/Enemy within. You can choose bunch of options at the beginning of the game to make the game harder or more unique experience, including ironman which disable manual saving. Forcing player to play it differently compared to normal mode. Can invisible inc. add more options to make the game harder/easier without compromising the game's integrity? I believe it could be done.
  5. Well, Medpack is an item that allows player to correct that mistake but it costs time and increase the risk on existing agent with the item to revive downed agent. Imo, it's simply not economical to keep this item in the inventory (which costs money to expand). Keep something else that allows your agent to be more efficient in the first place would be more economical. If you don't have anything else then it's fine to keep it in your inventory.
  6. Basic tips? Be cautious, know when to risk, and know when to retreat. The game basically plays like XCOM: EU in ironman mode and many tips from the game could be used here. 1. Find the third agent ASAP. Browse for detention center mission and go for it. If there is an agent captured then get him/her, if not calculate the risk of freeing the prisoner vs luring the guard out of the position. 2. Before entering any room, peek. This costs just 1 AP and substantially improve your survival chance. 3. You can observe the guard behavior by clicking at the eye icon, cost 1 AP. 4. When entering the room, the guard doesn't look at the tile next to the door most of the time. Park your agent there to avoid stunning and alerting the guard. 5. Close the door, be a good guest to your pesky host. This limits the guard's LoS. 6. Running generates noise and can be used to lure the guard out of stationary position. 7. Moving into a 'half' red area in LoS will make the guard move toward the tile with question mark icon. Use this to lure him out of the way. 8. You have limited turn that allow you to move easily through the map. I usually running toward the exit at alarm level 3. Finding the objective and get it done within that time is the best way to keep your agent alive. Afterall, your agents are irreplaceable. 9. Medpack is pointless. Once your agent is downed, the guards will running from all over the place to check it. There is literally no chance you can revive your agent without alerting another guard. 10. Remember to move all agents and prisoners every turn.