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  1. Thanks for that link! The game is actually downloading right now! I'll finally be able to use the boomerang, set everything to Lots (and watch my computer melt) and explore the caves without fear of death worms coming! Now I just have to convince my friend to get the game so we can play together!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! I'll definitely get it when I die in my current ps4 game. Is there a way to unlock all exp characters instantly? I don't want to have to go through 90 days with Wilson again for Woodie and Wigfrid.
  3. I have the ps4 version of the game, and recently bought Reign of Giants for it. (Got the base game a while ago with ps+) Would it be worth it to buy it again on PC, because some features are missing? I mostly want to set some things to More/Lots on the world generation screen, and to get rid of depths worms since fear of those are keeping me out of the caves and ruins. Is the PC version better than the ps4 version of the game? I would like to get it soon before Don't Starve together comes out so I don't have to pay more.