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  1. 55 Days with Wally playing DS: Hamlet I acquired the water of life from the Fountain of Youth and went back to my house in the city. I then planted the Flower of Life in my house so I could use the passive bonus it gives as often as I needed. When I shut the game down and tried to open it a while later the game wouldn't open and stated there was a problem with my floweroflife.lua file. The only commonality I noticed was that I had issues after I placed it in my house, and I don't think the file is compatible with the house instance. I can no longer open that save as it will not open due to the house file being either looped or corrupted. I am not entirely sure if this bug is client-wide or whether it is simply my save. Either way it would help to let Klei know. Attached you will find my DxDiag info and DS log, as well as a list of my saves as to help the team find the issue. The bugged save is located in the 4th save slot. DxDiag.txt log.txt Dont Starve Bug
  2. Adding like underwater grotto with that fish from finding nemo with the light bulb attached to its head and with scuba gear and to get more oxygen there is like bubble zones like why are we not funding this