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  1. @KainHawk, thanks for letting me know, but i dont what original soundfiles in my mod cause of legal reasons and i think it won't fit into dont starve
  2. it is not really a perk to not get damged by rain, is it?
  3. @outseeker, thank you for submitting your ideas @sixthcircle, thank you too, im thinking about that gamesalve too, but cant imagine a proper way to implement this thing cause it would look stupid in the hands holding it miles away from her face. I do not know about convertnig the mods to rog, cause i thought the games are supoosed to be merged anyhow. Another thing is that for example dibs perk is quite useless on single player, so there is no real reason to do so. The zim mod is already there and converting gir is quite a deal with all the things he got.
  4. Version 0.8


    Gaz is the menacing younger sister of Dib and one of the supporting characters of Invader Zim. Known for her dark, violent and antisocial personality, Gaz has frequently expressed her disdain for the rest of the human race, seeming to care about only two things in the world: Pizza and video games. Few have been known to get between her and those two things and walk away unscathed. standart stats: hunger: 200 sanity: 200 health: 100 Perks - can have up to 4 pig followers - damage multiplier 1.1 Cons - hunger multiplier 1.2 This mod is still in development, please let me know about balancing requests and other input / stuff If the game crashes when you try to select Gaz you have to disable small textures in the options.
  5. @Eria, are u sure, u used the newst version? if the game crashes again go to your documents directory the is a directory named klei and in there one named dont starve together. somewhere there is a file named "log.txt" upload this one anywhere and post a link so i an take a look at your problem.
  6. @Kzisor sry i missed your post. I just changed the maximum amount of health to 150 in all modes, but i havn't searched or trieded to fix it in a proper way
  7. @Volosity, u should extract th gir together folder into the mods folder in the dont starve together folder. Otherwise u can search the mod in the steam workshop and subscribe to it, it will be automaticly downloaded.
  8. @Kzisor, dying in normal mode over and over again is no problem cause i stole some code from rezecib that handles characters hp penalty with less than normal. local function HealthPostInit(self) local OldRecalculatePenalty = self.RecalculatePenalty local function RecalculatePenalty(self, forceupdatewidget) local mult = GLOBAL.TUNING.REVIVE_HEALTH_PENALTY_AS_MULTIPLE_OF_EFFIGY mult = mult * GLOBAL.TUNING.EFFIGY_HEALTH_PENALTY local maxrevives = (self.maxhealth - 30)/mult if self.numrevives > maxrevives then self.numrevives = maxrevives end OldRecalculatePenalty(self, forceupdatewidget) end self.RecalculatePenalty = RecalculatePenaltyendAddComponentPostInit('health', HealthPostInit)but i guess i just give all modes the same health for now.
  9. @Kzisor, so i died several times in normal mode and had my max health set to 30, i pressed t, killed myself via console (like before), used the portal to resurrect and died imendiently but didn't get a ghost. EDIT: That skeleton right in the portal was me when i used the portal
  10. @Kzisor, ok... i will try once more and make a screenshot
  11. @Kzisor im using endless mode and the portal to resurrect. And try to disable every othe mod.
  12. @Kzisor, infact i have another issue . If you are dying in dog suite mode or mighty mode u cant resurrect. EDIT: I think it has something to do with the heatlh penalty and chaning max hp in the different states
  13. @Kzisor you sir are one of the most awesome persons i know. All is working fine. If there is anything i could do for you, let me know.
  14. @Kzisor take your time, i'm so happy you are working at my problem at all ^^
  15. @Kzisor how about i upload my files anywhere, so you can try on your own. i tried with two of my friends and switched positions as client and host. Nothing has worked so far and i think i can't be of any help, just fiddle around unsure what i am doing exactly. Edit: Here you go http://www.share-online.biz/dl/R2V7Z4INCYP
  16. @Kzisor, i don't feel disrespected. infact we both use a german keyboard. And i think u dont understand the other problem. If he joins and i press t i can see the code working and the changes are made on the character, but just for a second then it changes back to normal. that just happens when playing with together. So so code is somehow working.
  17. @Kzisor, yes we both had played gir and i think my friend is able to press the right button, even if i cant look what he is doing.
  18. @Kzisor, i thought i did every thing right, but no. So it works fine if you are alone. If someone joins i can see the changes made but i turn back right after the transformation. For the client nothing works again. gir.luamodmain.lua
  19. @Kzisor, but i can put all my things i want to change in one action? and what do you mean by "-- CALL THE ACTION HERE!!!"
  20. @Kzisor, so it is not working, everything works fine, as long as you ar alone on your hosted server. If somebody joins, u stayed withe the stats u have before and just the prin function is working. Nothing is working for the client. I upload my files here, so u can take a look. modmain.luagir.luakeyhandler.lua
  21. @Kzisor, i fixed another bug and now i will try to get this function to work. Stay calm ^^
  22. @outseeker, at this moment he talks like wilson as it is version 0.1 and not finished, Gir was the same, but now has some own speech (all zim lines are removed), but not finished 100%.
  23. Version 0.82


    Dib is an eccentric young boy who possesses a fascination with unexplained paranormal phenomena, such as ghost hunting, Ufology, and cryptozoology, as well as with the supernatural and occult. standart stats: hunger: 200 sanity: 100 health: 150 perks: - slow sanity reg - If a ghost haunts him, it will get resurrected (if so h will get -40 hunger, -10 sanity, -20health(can be reduced by armor)) cons: - damagemultiplier (0.8) This mod is still in development, please let me know about balancing requests and other input / stuff If the game crashes when you try to select Dib you have to disable small textures in the options.