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  1. On 7/24/2019 at 2:41 AM, Ipsquiggle said:

    I wasn't able to repro this. Duplicants were sweeping and the priority on the ore would supersede the priority on the Automated Dispenser. Would you be able to post a save file that shows the issue happening? Thanks!

    @Ipsquiggle Sorry, I wasn't notified about the reply and was about to post a follow up bug report before I decided maybe I should check the old one.

    I did some more testing and have narrowed down the issue(s) to certain situations. Note that the dupe has standard priority for all jobs (30).

    1. First Issue: Proximity disabled. Containers set to sweep only. Have some debris that needs to be swept with various different priority levels. Make sure one of the sweep jobs is set to !! priority. When the container is on priority 9, watch as the dupe does the priority 9 sweep first (ignoring the !!), then for some reason the priority 5 sweep (ignoring the 8). Setting the storage container to priority !! simply made the dupe pick the nearest item. Setting the storage container to priority 8 or lower suddenly made him respect the material priority and after completely the priority 9 sweep, he would go and do the priority 8 sweep and then the priority 5 sweep. The !! sweep job remains ignored.5d658c490b785_Bug_proxdisabled!!.thumb.png.9853a47f8d76862d68bd26ffe2cd37b0.png
    2. Second Issue: Proximity enabled. Containers set to sweep only. Same debris setup as above. Container priority also matters in this situation. With priority 9 or priority !!, dupes will always pick the sweep job closest to them, regardless of item sweep priority (as shown in the picture of the dupe deciding to sweep a priority 1 instead of the 9 or !!). Once you put the container to priority 8 or lower, all of a sudden they respect item priority and go for sweep jobs in proper priority oder. However, the !! sweep job still remains ignored!5d658c4db3745_Bug_proxenabled9!!.thumb.png.a339bf5e50101fcb45f1b63f70c9e1bd.png
    3. Lastly, I have noticed that, if the dupe has their 'Storing' preference one level lower than their 'Tidy' preference, they will respect material priority in more situations than if not. For example, the issue with containers being at priority 9 is not present in either situation #1 or #2 when their preferences are set so. The bug with containers at priority !! remains (they will still always pick the nearest item, regardless whether or not proximity is enabled or not). I don't know why having both equal would cause this buggy behaviour. I'm not good with game code, I just made these gameplay observations. However, (big surprise), even with tidying at 30 priority and storing at 20 priority, the !! sweep is still ignored.

    I've attached the save file of a sandbox game where I did the testing. Proximity is disabled when you load in, so you can do a test without it, then reload and enable proximity to see bug #2 and do another reload for the test with adjusted job priorities. The debris is a couple thousand kgs, so you can reliably see the behaviour over a longer period of time.

    Hope this helps somehow. I'm sure this can't be working as intended and some priority values must be causing weird calculations that would make a dupe ignore certain sweep jobs like this.





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  2. I found a temporary solution through Reddit. Apparently changing the game resolution to native and then putting it back to whatever resolution you want to play in solves the issue. It does sometimes crop up again but now at least there is a quick fix.