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  1. Sweeping is a Tidy job. If you don't want them Sweeping either, you have to disable Tidying (which will prevent them from being able to mop and repair).
  2. [Game Update] - 361684

    Yurp. I had posted a bug detailing issues with priorities about a month ago and I updated it recently to include the information I had found with further testing. The mod initially said he wasn’t able to reproduce it, but I’ve explained it in detail this time and added a save file where the test is set up for him to observe, so hopefully that gets some attention.
  3. Sweep Priority Issues

    @Ipsquiggle Sorry, I wasn't notified about the reply and was about to post a follow up bug report before I decided maybe I should check the old one. I did some more testing and have narrowed down the issue(s) to certain situations. Note that the dupe has standard priority for all jobs (30). First Issue: Proximity disabled. Containers set to sweep only. Have some debris that needs to be swept with various different priority levels. Make sure one of the sweep jobs is set to !! priority. When the container is on priority 9, watch as the dupe does the priority 9 sweep first (ignoring the !!), then for some reason the priority 5 sweep (ignoring the 8). Setting the storage container to priority !! simply made the dupe pick the nearest item. Setting the storage container to priority 8 or lower suddenly made him respect the material priority and after completely the priority 9 sweep, he would go and do the priority 8 sweep and then the priority 5 sweep. The !! sweep job remains ignored. Second Issue: Proximity enabled. Containers set to sweep only. Same debris setup as above. Container priority also matters in this situation. With priority 9 or priority !!, dupes will always pick the sweep job closest to them, regardless of item sweep priority (as shown in the picture of the dupe deciding to sweep a priority 1 instead of the 9 or !!). Once you put the container to priority 8 or lower, all of a sudden they respect item priority and go for sweep jobs in proper priority oder. However, the !! sweep job still remains ignored! Lastly, I have noticed that, if the dupe has their 'Storing' preference one level lower than their 'Tidy' preference, they will respect material priority in more situations than if not. For example, the issue with containers being at priority 9 is not present in either situation #1 or #2 when their preferences are set so. The bug with containers at priority !! remains (they will still always pick the nearest item, regardless whether or not proximity is enabled or not). I don't know why having both equal would cause this buggy behaviour. I'm not good with game code, I just made these gameplay observations. However, (big surprise), even with tidying at 30 priority and storing at 20 priority, the !! sweep is still ignored. I've attached the save file of a sandbox game where I did the testing. Proximity is disabled when you load in, so you can do a test without it, then reload and enable proximity to see bug #2 and do another reload for the test with adjusted job priorities. The debris is a couple thousand kgs, so you can reliably see the behaviour over a longer period of time. Hope this helps somehow. I'm sure this can't be working as intended and some priority values must be causing weird calculations that would make a dupe ignore certain sweep jobs like this. Cheers, Vasco Sandbox.sav
  4. [Game Update] - 361684

    Without proximity, each job type has a specific value that is included in priority calculations. Digging and building jobs are, for example, +0.09, storing is +0.07 (regardless if it's a sweep command or not), deconstruction is +0.38 and so on. So a dupe with standard personal priorities and standard job priorities will always deconstruct (35.38) before digging (35.09), but always dig (35.09) before storing (35.07). With proximity, all jobs are simply +0.5 and a dupe will pick the job closest to him, assuming his personal preferences are all neutral (+30) and the job priority is neutral (+5). This means a dupe will choose to store something if it's 2 tiles closer to him than a deconstruct job. The only issue I was having, is within storage jobs themselves. Material priority appeared to have no meaning once you turned on proximity and tried to sweep things. I have since done another test and have narrowed down the issue (explained below). Yes, of course. It wouldn't be a good sandbox test if I didn't control the variables. The dupe has standard (+30) priority for all tasks. I have since done another test, inspired by your question and have realised wherein the real flaw lies: I had a bunch of debris set to various different sweep priorities. Once I set the sweep container to priority 1, the dupes were sweeping exactly as you would expect them to (respecting individual sweep priorities and picking the closest one, when the priority was the same). I stepped up the priority on the container one level each time and redid the test. The intended behavior works consistently! ... until you set the container to priority 9. For some reason, priority 9 breaks the system. All of a sudden, dupes will no longer care about individual sweep priority and will only go for the nearest sweep job. Priority !! on the container is equally broken (which is something I have noticed plenty of times before). Since I am used to smacking priority 9 on containers where I'm like, "this definitely has to be done", it is a relatively frustrating bug which is present in most of my games. Lastly, there is still a bug present even without proximity enabled, wherein dupes will go after priority 9 sweeps, but for some reason ignore priority !! sweeps.
  5. Like LucidFugue said, the green output pipe is full. If either outputs of the filter are full, they won’t work.
  6. [Game Update] - 361684

    Let me be more specific: the behavior you describe is true for the most part. However, it all falls apart when you enable Proximity in the priorities tab. Since I (and probably most relatively experienced players) play with Proximity enabled, it's a real pain in the arse to have dupes ignore sweeping priority completely and only go for the closest items. I understand that proximity means that, when dupes are given the choice between two tasks of equal priority, they will pick the one closest to them. This reduces the chances that a dupe will run halfway across the map to do some random task, when there are other tasks of equal priority closer to him. I do not, however, understand why this suddenly ignores material priority when sweeping. All of a sudden, all sweep tasks are judged solely on the container priority and material priority has no value. This can't be intended... Especially since all other proximity actions seems to work fine (digging, building, etc). In the picture below you can see that I have set a container to sweep only and to accept all materials. With Proximity enabled, the dupe will start picking up the dirt closest to him, while ignoring the algae and clay at priority 9 and 7. Without Proximity, he goes after the higher sweep errands. If a Klei dev sees this, please know that sweeping is broken with Proximity enabled.
  7. [Game Update] - 361684

    This isn't a problem due to this patch. This behavior has been annoyingly around since the launch testing phase. The problem is, priority for sweeping seems to not mean jack sh*t. All that matters is the priority of the destination. So !! alert on sweeping does absolutely nothing, but !! alert on the storage container where your bleach stone should be stored and then you will see action. The problem is, if you have a whole lot of sweeping to be done, and the container accepts several types of materials, putting it on !! alert won't necessarily sweep the item with the highest individual sweep priority, but rather simply pick the closest valid items to sweep. I've reported it as a bug before but no replies... I currently have a base where all dupes have to wear exosuits to leave their bedrooms. Every cycle, it seems to only register 10/12 dupes as having done an exosuit task. It makes me wonder if there are specific tasks that don't count? I would have thought that doing anything in an exosuit would be enough but apparently not.
  8. Please, for the love of all things dupey, return the gas/liquid filter back to how they used to be. While it makes somewhat sense to have a “none” filter (even though I see no use for one practically), it is absolutely annoying that a constructed filter will automatically select “none” and let everything pass through the moment it is built, provided it is connected to pipe and wire, which is pretty much always the case. This adds a level of micromanaging and babysitting for the building of filters. No longer can you build a filter and then later select the filter you want to have it start working. Now you have to actively leave it disconnected from wire/pipe until it is done building, or sit there and wait for it to be built, so you can pause the game to select the filter. It is particularly frustrating for builds where the filter working 100% correctly is essential. I’ve seen complaints on Reddit as well, with some criticising this change as pointless and actually an anti-QoL change. If there is no hope to get the old filters back, an explanation as to why this change was made would be appreciated at least. We’re baffled. Thanks
  9. The full post is over on Reddit at This is a table with all of the liquids (including those currently not in the game in the bottom row) and the value of kg at which 1 tile becomes saturated.
  10. Pips won't plant

    Okay, good to know! I always planted from top to bottom and never tested it myself. I was going off of info from the forums and the wiki. What about plants that are 3 tiles high, like reeds?
  11. Pips won't plant

    It’s not 6 tiles for below, it’s 8. That’s why they wouldn’t plant. Always plant from right to left and top to bottom.
  12. Achievements broken?

    Oh snap. Thanks for this info. Damnit. Now I have to restart my base for the 3rd time, after removing the file... Unless someone knows how to remove the flag...?
  13. The description says -50% though... not +50%. It's a penalty (always has been) rather than a bonus. I would think it difficult to run faster if you've got phat 20kW wires poking through the ground
  14. Achievements broken?

    Could you add the possibility to see if debug was used on the savefile? And possibly a way to edit that back to false? I have a new save where I definitely didn't use debug (the debug file is still in the folder though) and yet I didn't get the latest Steam Achievement that I achieved in-game :/ I wonder if the save-file is automatically disqualified if the debug file is present in the game files...
  15. Am very interested if you ever find a way to edit this. My latest game, I haven't used debug once (as far as I know) and yet, still no Steam achievements... I want to check to see if it somehow registered debug being used and if it's possible to change this.