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  1. I can't seem to get this to work,I changed the version to the same as my DS, but as soon as i make a single change, it crashes my DS when it's enables. Makes no sense. It works by itself though without changes. (i make sure the names are exactly the same and that the sizes of images are exactly the same)
  2. ugh I don't know how these work, I made sure it works by itself without changes, and it does, i made sure the version was the same as my DS, but as soon as I make "1" change, it crashes when i try to enable the mod. (All i did was change the wods, and nothing else, boom crash. even in the mod "sample_dude" if i replace the TEX file of the big portraits with my TEX file of my character [which is the same image size as wilson] and it crashes. I fallowed instructions of several youtube guides too ;~; but i found out myself that if i change "anything" it'll crash. This mod is great though since it helped others out.
  3. Assuming "alls well that maxwell" is an older version, i would like to see it compatible, this one sais the the mod crash an i can't activate it, willows lighter really helps me out but i just hate the light range