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  1. The only way to expand the combat would be to increase the amount of actions the survivors can perform as well as the actions the enemies can perform. As it is right now if you were to add blocking it would be very very easy to just cheese most of the difficult mechanics, like ranged attacks, or multi attacks be dealt with just by blocking, instead of prediction and clever positioning or just outright dodging. If you want to see a way to implement this successfully check The Forge, where a block action was introduced with the thulecite club.
  2. Critters are quick powder cake disposal unit, also their begging sound is a great instrument to the endless cacophony of spiders for webber mains. Guaranteed to make you insane IRL faster than the insanity ingame sounds.
  3. Yup, my bad, I was thinking of beefalo, that it takes a while to eat a dragonpie, whereas mushrooms and potatoes it eats it instantly. Not the player. Should've clarified.
  4. Just farm potatoes and cook them, Dragonpies are a bit too overkill and they are slow to eat. I used to farm blue mushrooms as a healing alternative, specially great for beefalo, but then I swapped to the true MVP of healing, the cooked potato. Easier to farm than blue mushrooms, heals the same and it stacks up to 40. Never go out of base without your bundling wrapped of 160 cooked potatoes (3200 health, 9600 for beefalo)
  5. Antlion - You're a bit close to the Antlion, and more often than not you don't have much space to move, a sand projectile attack that travels through air from the boss to you might be impossible to avoid 95% of the time. Bee Queen - Freezing you in place Ewecus style is horrible, it even throws you off the beefalo, please, do not add it to more mobs, I beg of you Fly - Being covered in so much fly vomit that you are actually wet sounds incredibly disgusting, I'd expect a new icon of wetness but white that also lowers sanity. Also, a sticky mechanic that makes it so you cannot swap equipment for a short time could be interesting. I grew up near a beach and that is simply not true, seawater is not disgusting unless it contains a large number of algae or other sea stuff into your mouth. Salt water tastes like salty water with a lingering fishy taste on it. Not delicious, but not vomit inducing. Only other attack I can think of of projectiles flying at you would be earthquakes, unless you want to turn those into actual ranged attacks (walrus, ewecus, bishop), in which case, I'd say the game doesn't need a plethora of them, we already have plenty enough.
  6. Is an interesting idea to revamp Wendy's gameplay, but in all honestly, I don't think Wendy needs such a big rework to her mechanics. What Klei did to her already existing gameplay was really solid, and I don't think she's in such a state that would warrant a complete rework worth of changes to her. (Remember Abigail and tentacles? I remember) I would be in favor of the small changes such as "higher penalty for losing abigail", but things like health pool linking would be too much micromanaging, and would render things like abigail's regen, some of the potions worthless, and even your own health pool would be annoying to manage.Thematically I like each having bonus for helping each other, like Wendy having lower damage without abigail, and abigail giving a boost when Wendy fights alongside her. I don't feel they are linked in "life and death". My original idea for the rework was to allow Wendy to craft different flowers, each with their own set purpose, and their upside and downside, since you could have multiple flowers before, and each had their own timer. I do kinda miss the blood sacrifice tho, being chased down by a pack of rabid nightmare monkeys and betting my life if I was able to kill one by extreme kiting to summon abigail and save me from the horde, or I will fail my kiting, be bitten to dead and myself become Abigail's sacrifice. I like many of your ideas, but I don't think her current warrants such drastic changes to her current mechanics, she had one of the most solid reworks.
  7. The way to rework Wilson is simple. Wilson is the titular character of Don't Starve, the first character in the selection screen, and the character that's featured in most of the shorts and promotional art, and thus, is what most people are going to pick the first when picking this game. Thus, he should have the gameplay Klei thinks suits the best for a first experience, or "the default way of playing Don't Starve". He can have some minor perks, like the beard that gives free insulation, maybe allow him to craft telltale hearts for half the health... But there is a demand of a "Vanilla" character experience, without any character perk that gets too in the way, and allows you to experience the game more raw features. He can have some minor perks to give him flavor, but nothing really game-changing, otherwise, the purpose of the character would be lost.
  8. I checked the numbers again and yeah, I was off, but from what I understand it levels from level 1 to 2 in a day, and another one to level up to 3, so 2 days -> 4 minutes with sisturn I believe. After you've set up a base, you're not fighting constantly, so unless you are fighting bosses, health is not that necessary. I only ever use the regen potion for when I'm going to the ruins, since I'm expecting to fight multiple mobs in a row for a couple of days, whereas everything else can be dealt with easily with her default characteristics, so even the regen health one I find pretty useless. When I'm on a boss, and abigail gets on low health, I just find an opportunity and de-summon her, and by the time she's back to a nice health, the boss fight is already over. I kept a beefalo for Wendy even before the beefalo rework, and after the farming rework, I always carry a bundle of 160 cook potates, which is about 3200 health or 9600 just for the beefalo if I'm ever in a need for health. Honestly, Beefalos are not that hard to keep alive as long as you pay attention, and are willing to drop it away and keep fighting yourself in case you make too many mistakes and can't heal it in time. Sisturn felt to me like a symbolic old Wendy sanity farm you could do when Abigail flower turned into a regular flower (+25san/min), plus giving a small boost to normal Wendy gameplay. I still have one I built in my world before she as reworked in fear that that feature was removed Sisturn don't stack Most of the characters have been drastically changed from their single player version after their rework, Woodie has 3 transformations, Willow has a teddy bear that didn't even exist in single player. And I cannot find a video, but pre-rework wendy could make use of Summon rush like @kirihime said, which was an "advanced wendy technique" used for quick rezzing abigail, specially effective against Bee Queen.
  9. I like the health regen idea, but a small comment, if you put 4 petals in a sisturn, abigail would go from death to full level 3 health in 2 minutes. You do lose 50 sanity, but then again, you don't have to carry a potion with you and recall aby, which depending on the situation it can be a bit of a challenge. Me using 5 spectral cure-all to have abi solo 3 people's worth of frog rain In all seriousness, the reason why no other potion is necessary is because the default shield and health regen is good enough for most situations, so if you wanna get people to move towards elixirs, you could get the elixirs to do very unique and interesting effects, or you could go the easy route and nerf abigail so that elixirs are a necesity, no shield without elixirs, slower regen without regen elixir, etc etc. I'm more keen on the first approach, but the second is always an option to drive people towards the elixir system.
  10. I did say that indeed, but I also said I don't mind whether she's nerfed or not (except for beefalo thing, which seems more like just a coding mishap). My point was, despite the lacking in some of her gameplay that could be improved, it feels like everyone else is just ignoring everything else about Wendy, and just pointing and saying "nerf", "nerf", "nerf". But everyone is entitled to their opinion, I was just sharing mine.
  11. I find it very telling that the feedback that some people seem to have is "Wendy is too OP, nerf her". It feels like people who think the character's upside are too strong and wants her nerfed, instead of people who actually play her and want her to have a more enjoyable and varied playstyle The thing is, the only reason I even farm for Mourning Glory is for that potion. If you remove that, I'm not sure I would go out of my way to farm for them, since I find every other potion to be very underwhelming. You could add a potion that when spilled over a grave summons a ghost to follow you alongside abigail, a potion that increases Abi's defense for a short time while turning her immobile, increase duration of speed potion, or something else that is fun, I'm just throwing ideas at the wall here, just saying most of the use cases for the potions are either very limited, and require you to be expecting you to be carrying the potion on you for that rare situation. Except with cureall because of course, you always want health no matter what.
  12. I find the 40% extra damage from being a Wendy player a bit unnecessary, and would be fine with it being removed, but also fine if it stays (I'd prefer if it was gone). Having beefalo inherit that bonus might be a bit much, but that has to do with how the beefalo mounting mechanic was done in the first place. I do find the potions she can make to be a bit underwhelming tho. The revenge potion is nice for when frog rain happens, but I find everything to just be a downgrade to the super healing potion. Haven't been able to come up with any good ideas that I liked, but I'd like to see more variety in what she can make, and also improve the already existing options to make them more viable. I do like the idea of increase regen when on the flower, but then again, that would make the small regen elixir pointless, which I'm kind of okay with since I'm advocating for a rework on elixirs. Still looking for some ideas.
  13. I want to make a request for a Wanda skin. Carries a pocket watch, is always in a hurry... is a match made in heaven! I want a White Rabbit for Wanda next Halloween in the second set that is popular characters from classic media, like Maxwell Scrooge, and the Match Girl for Willow.
  14. I love Wanda's default skin, but I really dislike every other skin she has. I hate how enabling PvP in a server makes it so every structure like catapults and tooth traps hit every player, why can't I enable PvP to smack my friends once in a while without risking catapults in mob farms obliterating us? I dislike how simple the abigail skins are, and how off they look when moving.