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  1. Didn't mention it before, but I was genuinely surprised how you managed to patch the Wendy rework in less than a week and even include new assets into the game (the flower buff that floats around mobs) without being able to even go to the office to work and have access all your work equipment. We really appreciate the work and dedication you put into this game and in the community, despite not everyone being 100% satisfied with the solution. Thanks a lot and please stay amaizing.
  2. Checking the animation again, it does last for a full second, but the animation assets for the upgraded shield appear at milisecond 100 of the animation, and now that I look at it, I also notice they dissapear at 967, so there are 867 miliseconds of actual animation and 133 seconds of padding. Since I wasn't sure how the game handled the animations, and spriter is an alien program to me, so I just converted it to a more familiar animated gif and measure the length of it, and it seems spriter cut the empty frames when exporting the animation. So yes, that's where the 0.45 and 0.9 come in. Spriter chopping it off when exporting. The game probably uses the full animation and not just the frames that have assets, so you're most likely right it does use 0.5 and 1s respectively. Thanks for noting.
  3. My pleasure. And regarding the vonfusing math, just think of it like this "Klei wanted abigail to deal 15-25-40 damage" "Abigail has a debuff upon hitting an enemy, that increases all damage taken" "Let's decrease Abigail damage by the exact amount the buff gives" End result, Klei reduced her damage by the debuff amount and is later increased by the debuff on the enemy, resulting in a net zero.
  4. This is what is happening. Abigail has 3 damage setups Day=15 Dusk=25 Night=40 This gets divided by the same damage her debuff applies, which is x1.1. The abigail damage formula is (Damage = damage.timeOfDay/abigailHexDebuff) Once Abigail hits an enemy, she will apply a debuff of flower petals around the mob she hit, that lasts for 2 seconds. This debuff increases damage taken by x1.1 So with the debuff of the enemy added to the formula Damage = TimeOfDay * (abigailHexDebuff / abigailHexDebuff) = TimeOfDay * 1 The only disanvadtage is that is applied only after Abigail hits an enemy and applies the debuff. And Abigail's shield nullifies all damage taken for the specific amount of seconds the animation lasts, the shield activates upon being hit, like bone armor or thulecite crown. The retaliation shiled is a direct upgrade to the shield elixir, both double the shield duration, but a plus that all enemies that hit the shield get a raw 20 damage in retaliation damage.
  5. You are right, Klei actually changed the damage formula. What is actually happening is that the damage gets divided by the debuff of x1.1 before applying it to enemies, so she doesn't do extra damage, just does the damage is set up to do AFTER the first hit. Will update it. Thanks.
  6. Okay, let's do this again, one last time. Wendy Rework 2.0 Damage Abigail has 3 different damage modifiers Day=15 Dusk=25 Night=40 Slighly buffed from her pre-rework version. Edit: Note, the damage Abigail dealts get divided by the x1.1 Debuff mentioned below before being applied, so before the first hit with a non-debuffed enemy, she will do a slightly less amount of damage than these numbers. So 13.6, 22.7, 36.3 Edit2: She actually does less damage, but her passive buff is calculated before the damage is applied, so even if a mod tells you she does slighly less, her buff increases the damage to those written above. --------- Debuff Whenever Abigail inflicts damage on an enemy, it will receive a hex that will give an aura of flower petals around him. for 2 seconds. This aura adds a damage multiplier of x1.1 of all damage taken, unless is damage from a Wendy player, in which case it adds a x1.4 multipier. This makes it so when Wendy and Abigail cooperate, Wendy can deal damage with a multiplier of (0.75x1.4) = x1.05 Edit2: She also gets the x.1.1 extra from Abigail's debuff, as they are applied separatedly, so (0.75*x1.4*x1.1)=x1.155 Edit: I should mention this only applies to combat damage, which counts on damage received by players and mobs, like pigs, bats, bunnies... but not other sources of damage, like fire, earthquakes, weather pain, etc. --------- Elixirs Renevant Restorative = last for a day, adds an extra 1 health per second regen for a total of 960HP Spectral Cure-All= last for 30 seconds, adds an extra 20 health per second regen for a total of 600HP Unyielding Draught = last for a day, increases shield animation duration Distliged vengance = last for a day, has all normal shield buffs plus retaliation of 20 damage Nightshade Nostrum= last for a day, gives abigail the night damage multiplier Vigor Mortis = last for a day, adds speed multipliyer of 1.75, can be haunted by player ghosts for a 3 second buff duration. --------- Shield Abigail shields have now been slightly buffed The base lasts for 0.45 0.5 seconds And the buffed shields last 0.9 1 full second, doubling the duration of regular shield. --------- Overall, I'm pretty happy Wendy rework 2.0 turned out, she's got her uses, although she no longer can reach 89 damage, she has a nice 44 damage at night thanks to the debuff, plus the shield, that is still useless against single targets. The debuff tho, might actually make it worthwhile to keep abigail alive during boss fights instead of just letting her commit suicide and ressurect her after all is done. What I'm not completely happy with are the elixirs. I would've given them half a day, since I don't think most of them should be day long buffs, whereas keeping the speed elixir to 3 days.
  7. In regards to the health mechanic, the day-night one is probably a remnant of the old Wendy before the strange new powers update in Single Player, where she haunted you through the night at random, while the one is more adherent to the actual theme of Abigail coming back from the dead to protect her sister, and gaining strenght as she becomes closer to death. I still need to look at the numbers, but honeslty, Wendy was never supposed to be a glass cannon type of character. The health mechanic was an okay replacement, but it also means the viewpoint you had when you played the character was shifted entirely. I think the reworks are supposed to flesh out some of the characters, without changing them too much (with an exception of the big 3 that were revamped earlier because they had their problems) The glass cannon character was always supposed to be Maxwell in the first place, while Wendy was always supposed to be the weak character with a benefit of a cute ghost that aided her for her lack of damage. I'm sure Maxwell will shine in his glass cannon role when he gets reworked. In short, while the mechanic was okay, it never fitted what Wendy's playstyle have always been since her inception. Dam, you beat me to it.
  8. Thanks for the update! Sounds very very nice so far! Can't wait to dissect some of the numbers and see how it plays out.
  9. Well, once you see abigail attacked glommer once, you just needed to be careful and turf her off when nearby. Is not complaining for the sake of complaining, is just that I'd like to remove from her attack pool mobs that you never want attacked, and since this rework was mostly QoL based, I asked to fix some QoL detractors that got added in the update, such as attacking tamed beefalo. I never intended to turn off her aggro that much, she doesn't even aggro on Mctusk now when the morse is one tile away from her.
  10. Halloween night skins do not become weaveable and their respective elegants become heirloom quality. So the lureplant skin remains the same as before rework. Is the same for all other characters.
  11. @Kzisor That sounds amaizing! But depending on how you do it, not only Klei, but all the mod creators will have to rewrite their code, although that's how most IOS apps works today. Besides, those guys at Klei are awesome, if your method is worth it, they will surely change a few lines of code in the game. If they have spare people for the job that is. Wish you the best of luck! @DarkXero That was actually the first thing I tried, and both spiders, warrior and normal ignored me, so I tried a different approach. I was trying another way, but if FindEntity doesn't find a suitable entity, it returns nil. So unless I find a way to access other entities that were found, or another workaround, I think I'm gonna have to write a second FindEntity function after the first one returns nil. Not really what I was looking for, but it fixes the compatibility issue. local function PigmanPostInit(inst) local _targetfn = inst.components.combat.targetfn local function NormalRetargetFn(inst, objetive) return _targetfn(inst) or GLOBAL.FindEntity( inst, TUNING.PIG_TARGET_DIST, function(guy) return (guy.LightWatcher == nil or guy.LightWatcher:IsInLight()) and inst.components.combat:CanTarget(guy) end, { "esc", "_combat" }, inst.components.follower.leader ~= nil and { "playerghost", "INLIMBO", "abigail" } or { "playerghost", "INLIMBO" } ) end inst.components.combat:SetRetargetFunction(3, NormalRetargetFn)end
  12. @Kzisor I can see how that could become a huge deal for a server running multiple mods, and I'm not a programmer expert enought to provide for a proper solution other than chargin all the functions into a big dumpster and then executing only the ones with the higher priority, and that's not really a fix. And thank you again for the big help. I really appreciate it ^^.
  13. @Kzisor Yikes! Thanks for clearing that out, I'll be more carefull for now on.
  14. So... I wanted to make a character, and get him to be attacked by both pigman and spiders, and I had the idea of copying the ReTarget from the pigman prefab and pasting it in the AddPrefabPostInit with the changes I wanted. local function PigmanPostInit(pig) local function NormalRetargetFn(inst) return GLOBAL.FindEntity( inst, TUNING.PIG_TARGET_DIST, function(guy) return (guy.LightWatcher == nil or guy.LightWatcher:IsInLight()) and inst.components.combat:CanTarget(guy) end, {"_health", "_combat"}, -- see entityreplica.lua inst.components.follower.leader ~= nil and { "playerghost", "INLIMBO", "abigail" } or { "playerghost", "INLIMBO" }, {"monster", "esc"} ) end pig.components.combat:SetRetargetFunction(3, NormalRetargetFn)endAddPrefabPostInit("pigman", PigmanPostInit)It works as expected, but I have a question regarding Add***Init functions, is my piece of code "replacing" the execution of the old SetRetargetFunction() from the pigman.lua prefab, or is the game executing the origianl prefab one and then executing my function to finally place the results from the one I made instead. Just wanted some insight of how the mod handling actually works.
  15. Sorry about the bad explanation, this should clean things up.