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  1. Not very high priority, but some big sink for items that tend to accumulate, such as stingers and hound teeth, would be appreciated. Also, some more uses for steel wool and walrus tusk.
  2. Removing wildfires is the easy-to-go solution people come about so that they can still be productive and do things at their base in a season that has the biggest downsides and offers little in comparison. So turning a high risk low reward into low risk low reward. I just want a firefighter alarm with a nice range that tells me when smoldering is going on, so I can get there in time. Though you know can be done in summer? Go sailing! Your base won't burn and you can get the special summer fishes and while surviving overheating with the winter fishes (or a fridge and a truckload of thermal stones in case you didn't catch it). The ocean is not exactly brimming with content at the moment, but it might be an interesting solution to spend your time once that changes in the near future. For now tho, just go down the caves and get the free rocks from antlion is my to-go plan for summer.
  3. The problem is not how destructive they are, but how they are dealt with. Lightning rod has a HUGE range, and can cover beyond your whole screen, plus it requires no maintenance, my entire base is filled with those. Smoldering on the other hand, can only be dealt with flingomatics, that requires proportional amount of fuel in terms of how many flingos you want, and they cover much less range than a lightning rod. I'm not asking for smoldering to go away, just the way to fight it be a bit less resource intensive. The problem with disease was the need to babysit your plants constantly, else your entire resource spawners would be gone. Heck, there are ways to extinguish fires, just give us a fire alarm whenever smoldering happens so we can tell what's going on and not just miss it before going on a trip and return to a burned base. Also small mention that there's a big tell in your screen with a lightning strike appears, plus a sound effect, whereas smoldering is a very subtle effect and it can happen anywhere near you, even if you don't see it.
  4. Comparison Winter: Pros: -McTusk: Gives a Tam, one of the best items in the game, and a tusk, that is needed to craft a cane, a lazy explorer and a beefalo brush. -Ice begins to form and can be farmed for one of the best food fillers in game that never spoils, and is needed for finglomatics, -Multiple penguins start to form than can be used for eggs, food, or as an emergency combat mob for sudden hound waves. -Klaus and Deerclops bosses, gives winter two more bosses than other seasons with one being optional, and each of them gives great loot (Klaus is not guaranteed good) -Special Koaelefant variation -Special bird variation -Cold temperatures makes food spoil slower Cons: -Constant freezing due to low temperature -Many resources do not grow in winter -Deerclops can destroy a significant portion of your base if it caughts you unaware. -Almost no honey -No butterflies Summer: Pros: -Cactus grow a cactus flower that can be used for food and to better survive summer -Special seasonal boss Antlion that can be used to craft Lazy Deserter -Oasis comes alive and can be fished at for trinkets and special recipes -Being in caves during an antlion attack means free rocks Cons: -Overheating -Plants Wilt -Food Spoils faster -Oasis biome has a sandstorm that requires special gear to properly traverse. -Wildfires that could set your entire base on fire when you're not looking possibly destroying hours of work and permanent resources -Antlion could destroy large portions of your base if you're not aware There's also the day lenght that changes within the season, as well as hound waves for gems, red hounds being more dangerous due to fire. Winter has more content overall, and the only thing that really differs in the harshness of the seasons is the wildfires from summer, plus the recipes to lower your temperature being harder and more expensive to come by than just a torch and burning a nearby tree. Winter has more mobs, more exclusive loot and more potential rewards, whereas summer just adds a way to permanently destroy your base unless you pay an amount of fuel proportional to the size of your base, and the game rewards you with free rocks plus none of the harshness if you go spelunking instead. I decided to spend a summer once to go and catch the special summer fishes, so I spend the entire season on the ocean, only to return and find out that a portion of my base was burned because when I was sailing away, and the base was outside my screen, but at enough distance to render, it smoldered and bam, 6 hours of gameplay gone just by the corner of the screen. Summer is just not worth it unless you want to spend half the season farming fuel to refill the flingos or fishing away at oasis for hours on end.
  5. -Skins for missing items (like wood and grass walls) -Improvement from the technical side, to better make use of multi threading and perhaps attempt to connect a third server shard (the world is getting a bit crowded) -Some kind of Summer rework where the best strategy is not go somewhere else to avoid summer completely. -Expand on the ocean -Maybe work on some of those old items that barely get any use to give them their own niche and more interesting. The mod Rezecib did for the ruins craftables is a good example of this. -Some type of unavoidable hazard that you have to find the solution against. Bosses that damage your base, temperature, rain, dog waves, frog rain are things the game throws at you that you have to either prepare or improvise a way to deal with them, and it has been severely lacking in all of DST's life. Also wind, flooding, the beetles becoming rabid, fog, Hay Fever, etc, from the DLCs. Heck, even the uncompromising mode mod added a few of these. -More Lovecraftian mobs. I know is very unlikely, but I really feel a part of Don't Starve grim and dark style has been severely lacing for a while.
  6. In regards to farming, we do have an excellent thread about how it works, as well as what crops combos can work for each season, since you can actually change your layout depending on which crops you want. However, this method apparently does not work 100% of the time without the snapping till mod that allows for perfect placement of farm layout and get the family bonus. I myself after I learned the theory, I just check the plant nutrient/season list with the hat and decide what I want on the spot, since I still haven't memorized a rotation I'm satisfied with, and can get giant crops just by watering a a bit.
  7. ...what? I'm sorry, but whatever the reason consoles don't have custom world gen, is definitely not because of the power of the console. Adventure mode does not solve the issue of limited shards whatsoever. Unless of course if you enter adventure mode, you drag everyone on their server against their will to play adventure mode with you, they will keep playing on their own shard. While this shard does not need to stay connected and synchronized, since is a different game mode, it does most certainly takes resources away, as you're running an extra shard. You're basically just asking for a portal that takes you to a forge/gorge like world within sandbox. Just make a new mode separated from sandbox, and it will be less headache on the devs, while having the same result. Since you're not on PC, I'll tell you, each shard has its own independent save file. After the update that added the lunar biome and the Ancient Archive, I decided to regenerate only the cave shard by meddling with the cave, and only the cave save file. You're literally describing the single player game now. While it doesn't have skins, the game still holds up quite well. It has 2 DLCs with tons of content. I have played for hundreds of hours, is very good, I recommend it. That's a horrible idea. I like to build bases, and improve my world with cool designs, I don't like my work to be disregarded just to play some railroaded experience, and I'm sure Klei also don't want to just craft a quick experience, have everyone play that for a while, then put out a DLC worth of content a few months later and everyone forget about the previous one. DST is not an MMO. If you really want a new world, the best you can do is ask Klei to improve their networking code and performance and get them to add a third shard. I really doubt few people are willing to just delete the world permanently just to move to a new DLC. Specially with how rich of content regular don't starve is, do you realize how long it will take for this "chapter 2" to be as rich as what we have as baseline?
  8. Look, just desummon Abigail to stop it from fighting beefalo, drop the bell, and walk away for 2 screens. As long as you have some weapon, you should not die to hound waves, you have more than enough time to do this. And if the beefalo gets in your way of anything, drop the bell away, beefalo is attracted to the bell so is as much effort as desummoning Abigail.
  9. Abigail doesn't attack fully tamed beefalos when riled up. Try it with a beefalo that has been fully domesticated.
  10. Something like this is unlikely to actually happen, and for the same reason we don't have a third server for the ruins like in single player. How would this work? Will players be allowed to enter the adventure in batches and the adventure gets locked until the player leaves? What if the player disconnects? Does it lock the adventure mode for everyone and becomes inaccessible? Does the player get kicked out of adventure? If so, does it mean that connection problem can rob you out 3-4 hours of work? What is even the point of this? Old Adventure mode was a one time thing, and you could repeat it if you wanted to swap characters, but after the feedback Klei got from the gorge and the forge, I think they would rather focus on things that permanently affect the game, not a side thing that you do once and forget about it. Klei has shown they can "perfectly" tell a story without the need of cutscenes or some other railroad experience like adventure mode, just look at the crab king and pearl. This a big deviation from how they've been doing things, implies a significant technological redesign and I doubt it will add any sort of meaningful content outside of doing it once or twice. I guess you could lock the hard mode people really want behind it, but it honestly doesn't seem worth the effort from my perspective. If Klei, for some reason decide they want to add a third server shard, I think, and probably more people as well, that they would rather have a new world shard used for a moon world, instead of an adventure mode. Think about it, what does an adventure mode add to the game that cannot be done with another shard and some bosses plus the occassional text and environmental storytelling?
  11. Yeah, the wiki says that it will freeze the server, preventing your unfreeze command to go through, though I never experienced such an issue. You can solve this by running the command directly on the server shell instead of a remote command from the client, but if you don't have access to the sever shell, then yeah, you might be screwed there.
  12. Use the following console commands TheSim:SetTimeScale(0) This pauses the server TheSim:SetTimeScale(1) This resumes the time on the server.