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  1. So I should probably explain why i've stopped coming on the forums and stopped playing DST. It's no longer fun for me. I feel like for the longest time, there has been a lack of productivity on the devs side. I know they're a small team but promising content and then ultimately taking back their word on it. I'm referring to the time where PVP was going to be their focus after the shindig with the caves. However, instead of improving an already ingame function, they decided to do the whole "Through the ages" DLC. I mean, great, really it was a great idea. But you can't just promise content and then, one again, ultimately decide not to do it. 

    I put over 3,000 hours into this game. I have been playing since the very beginning and have stayed with it over the 4 years since its inception. I even defended this game's integrity and future from many big names and streamers who have already moved on and would rather pursue other game titles.

    I'm not sure if i'll ever come back to this game, I would like to if there is an increase in the game development. But like I said, they're a small team and I can't really blame them for it. 

    It's been real y'all.

    1. Mobbstar


      I think Klei is trying to work on other games too, such as Invisiblinc, Oxyncluded and Griftlands. Of course, this means there's less productivity on DS(T), and frankly, I'm surprised they are still interested in working on it at all.

    2. Michi01


      In one of their streams they said that the napsack might be more easily available in pvp based game modes, which implies that they might work on pvp at some point

    3. SuperPsiPower


      Too little, too late