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  1. So I have never gotten the Krampus Sack before and I'm trying to come up with methods of farming him. Obviously, killing Glommer in the DLC is a quick method, but you can only do it twice before having to wait a long time to do it again. The best universal method I can think of is as follows: - Make a large field of flowers, at least 20. - Make a feather hat, which increase the spawn rate of birds. - Make a bunch of boomerangs, which are easy to make. - Run around the flower field killing butterflies with melee attacks and use the boomerang to kill birds. Is there any other way that's faster?
  2. Useful recipes I make that either use monster meat or eggs (which you get by feeding a caged bird cooked monster meat): - Pierog i (2 eggs, 1 monster meat, 1 vegatable): 75 hunger, 20 health - B acon and Eggs ( 2 eggs, 1 monster meat, 1 meat that's not monster meat) 37.5 hunger, 40 health - Meatballs (3 eggs, 1 monster meat) Alternative (3 berries, 1 monster meat) 62.5 hunger, 3 health - Fishsticks (1 fish, 1 twig, 2 monster meat) 37.5 hunger, 40 health Depending on what you have on you and what stats you need to boost, I would choose from these. Since monster meat can be converted into eggs it therefore makes up most, if not all, of the ingredients.
  3. They also mentioned friends and family first. I imagine it will still be awhile before people on the forum get beta keys.
  4. I suppose it was only a matter of time before ignorant posts like this were made. Back on topic (the 360 issue that spencer mentioned), there are plenty of exclusives on the X1 that aren't on the 360 because the 360 couldn't handle it. I'm sure Microsoft would push multiple platforms, but if Klei said it couldn't be done on the 360, then both parties would agree to forget about it and move on.
  5. It can't be because of the parity clause because Outlast disproves it. It's highly unlikely that it's some "Sony exclusive" thing since it's not really exclusive. It can't be because of cost because it apparently only costs roughly $5,000 to port a game from PC to X1 according to some other developers (don't know for sure about Wii U). Looking at some previous topics, it seems like just typical dumb fanboyism for why "fans" don't want it on X1 or Wii U. I would think real fans would want the game available to as many people as possible and care more about spreading Don't Starve rather than promoting the same system-war BS. Did Klei ever give a reason?