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  1. In this video i will make a route from fireflies.

    You can catch a lot of fireflies and then you release them on a road.

    If you do that trick.You can have an emergency route during night.You can travel far from your base without any of light source.You travel without torch and you will not die from total darkness.Watch the video and let me know if you knew that,or if you do that better.

  2. In this part 25 Wigfrid wants to build a Prestihatitator.Why?Because its the way to craft magic things
    and a meat effigy to help us respawn when we die some day.
    To build a Prestihatitator you must catch rabbits alive.So we used some rabbit traps.

    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 25 "How to make a Prestihatitator"


    In this part 26 Wigfrid wanted to try the old bell for her first time.
    Old bell is good solution to cut a lot of trees in 1 second.In the other hand when we killed so many trees the treeguards were mad.But technically we did not hurt the trees,it was a giant's foot false.So we didn't had to fight them.
    Later that day we had a hound attack again easily defendable.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 26 "Using old bell for first time"


    In this part 27 Wigfrid went again in the caves to collect some light bulbs for her miner's hat.There she met two Spider Queens.
    Wigfrid is a warrior and it was a nice challenge to see if she is strong enough.
    During the battle she ran out of armor and weapon so she had to flee.
    Unfortunately its summer and our heat stone had warmed up.She was dying from overheat.In these hard moments Wigfrid tried to stay under the trees looking for a cool shadow.But it wasn't really helpfull.So for the first time,she died.We had to use the meat effigy very quickly.

    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 27 "My first death-Spider Queens are strong"


    In this part 28 Wigfrid tried to restore from her recent death.
    She crafted armor and weapons and went in the caves again to take revenge from the spiders.She lost her items down there and she had to take them back.
    In the end she killed them all and she is happy again.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 28 "Taking revenge and kill the Spider Queen"


    In this part 29 Wigfrid wanted to try making moggles for her first time.Moggles are night vision goggles but made from moleworms.
    When you wear them you can watch very good but in a negative colour.If you wanna see my try them,watch my video.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 29 "How to make moggles"

  3. In this part 21 Wigfrid managed to create a good farm from grasses and twigs.
    In the other hand,it is spring.A terrible frog rain mess my base.
    Tons of frogs landed in my base and i had to kill them all because they are annoying.Watch the video and see how Wigfrid tried to kill these frogs.
    Ice flingomatic is here to protect my base from the summer.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 21 "How to deal with frog rain"


    In this part 22 Wigfrid still fight the frogs.They are unlimited.
    When she kill them all she had thousands of frog legs.
    She went to the pig king and trade all these legs to gold.
    Now she will have tons of gold for her rest of her life.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 22 "Gold for the rest of my life"


    In this part 23 Wigfrid decided to become a beekeeper.So she built some bee boxes to have free honey.When you mess up with bees you need a beekeeper hat.Let's equip the beekeeper hat and harvest some honey.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 23 "Let's build our first bee box"


    In this part 24 Wigfrid feels hot.Probably because it's summer.
    She must open the ice flingomatic because she don't want to see her farm in flames.She harvest some honey from her beeboxes and then she took her bug net and she capture some fireflies to spread them near her base for light.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 24 "Summer is here"

  4. In this part 19 I decided to gather a lot of silk because i had not enough silk.Later this day i went to the caves again cause i wanted to build another rabbit hutch.
    In the caves i tried to figure out how the lamp works.I gathered some light bulbs too cause i wanna refill my lantern.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 19 "Gathering Silk and exploring caves for lightbulbs"


    In this part 20 i tried to move a lureplant.This plant has little eyeplants and you have to destroy it and you can plant this wherever you want for defence.
    I wanted to built a second rabbit hutch for more efficient silk farm.
    In the end i gather twinks and grasses to plant them near my base.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 20 "How to move a lureplant"

  5. In this part 18 Wigfrid had a huge problem with bees.They are killer bees cause it is spring and this season alla bees are very angry and annoying.
    So she decided that these beehives near our base must be a bit less.She started to destroy the beehives and she stored the honey to make bee boxes.
    Furthermore she went to see if the bunnyman was there and if he do the job with the spiders right.Nice job bunnyman. xD


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 18 "These bees are annoying as hell"

  6. In this part 17 Wigfrid went to the pigking to trade for gold.
    Later this day she heard that a giant was coming.She went to the trap field but the giant didn't showed up.
    Luckily for us the Goose/Moose was busy fighting with all these angry beefalos.
    In the end she built a Rabbit Hutch near a spider den to make the bunnyman fight with spiders and we will get free silk.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 17 "The spring Giant Goose Moose found us"

  7. In this part 16 wigfrid decided to enter a cave and explore there.
    Her first contact was with some Bunnymen.They attacked her cause she was carrying some meat with her.It was quite hard but she come back and kill them all and took their bunny puffs to build a rabbit hutch in the upper world.
    However Wigfrid explored deeper in the cave to find more light bulbs and make a lantern.Luckily she find the bulbs and she ended this exploration here.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 16 "Let's explore the caves"

  8. In this part 15 Wigfrid had to recover from her last battle against the Deerclops.She was afraid that something will come to kill glommer and she will lose the chance to fight krampus for his sack.
    So she killed glommer by herself.And she tried again to get the Krampus sack.
    In the end she found animal tracks and she followed them to kill a koalefant.Instead of this she met Winter Koalefant.
    Winter Koalefant drops a very good item.His trunk and you can build a Puffy vest to avoid get cold.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 15 "Sleep tight Krampus my friend"

  9. In this part 14 Deerclops found us in the end of the winter.
    Wigfrid run away from her base in the middle of the night because she don't want to see her base destroyed by this giant.She was prepared for this attack.She had fire darts tooth traps and armor to fight Deerclops.
    Tip:If you kill Deerclops with fire you will not take his eye.It will burn.So I went to finish him with my spear.It was really hard.

    After this fight an unpleasant surprise was near.The insane Wigfrid had to deal with hounds right after he battle with Deerclops.
    Watch the video to she how she made it out from this sticky situation.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Mini Episode 14 "I killed the Deerclops"


  10. In this part 13 wigfrid decided to explore more.
    She found maxwell's door.This magical door leads into a different world.The adventure mode.The hard part of this game.
    It's winter and pengulls coming from the sea all time.Wigfrid went to their nest and gathered a lot of ice for the upcoming summer.
    In the end of the video Wigfrid hears a heavy breathing of a gigantic
    creature.In the next video....DEERCLOPS IS COMING.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 13 "A world full of pengulls"

  11. In this part 12 Wigfrid suffers from winter and she can't go far away from her base.

    However she didn't want to waste her time.She took her heat stone and went into the rocky field she created and she placed some tooth traps.

    Later that day when the dark was coming she went to the beefalos and she shaved them for their wools.

    Wool is perfect for fuel.Wigfrid will not cut trees for fire anymore.

    The long night was holding us traped in our base and it will be a wasted time too.

    So she took some torches and went to explore the map during a long winter night.This was risky but luckily we didn't die.When the sun rised Wigfrid saw a tallbird fighting succesfully a Mactusk.

    She took the loots and she will go back to her base.

    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 12 "Let's shave some beefalos"

  12. In this part 11 Wigfrid decided to prepare the field for some tooth traps.

    If you gonna put some tooth traps to deal with giants and hounds,you have to place the tooth traps on a rocky turf.

    Why?Because this is the only way to avoid the spawn of a lureplant.Lureplants creates eyeplants.

    The eyeplants eat the tooth traps and you will find a very bad surprise while you were chasing by hounds.


    Later that day i saw that we will have full moon soon.

    I killed the glommer and i wanted him back.So i went to the decidious forest and until the night comes.

    I traded with the pigking some eggs for gold,i broke some pig houses to take their materials and i decided to go into a cave which was i bad idea because i wasnt prepared.So i aborted this plan.We had a fight with some bats near the cave.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 11 "Let's prepare the field for some tooth traps"

  13. In this part 10 the season changed.Winter is here so Wigfrid decided to try kill the Mactusk.

    Did she make it?Of course and she took from his dead body a walrus tusk.

    With this she will create a usefull item,the walking cane.

    With walking cane any character move faster in the world.Wigfrid will travel very fast now.
    In the end of the video she destroys a tier three spider den and she steal a spider egg.

    With the spider egg she can create a spider den anywhere she like.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 10 "How to kill the MacTusk"


  14. In this part 9 i had a problem with my computer.So this part will be short.

    In this episode Wigfrid kill the glommer.Glommer appears every full moon.

    If you kill glommer your naughtiness level will increase and Krampus will come to steal your items.

    Krampus have a very big sack known as "Krampus Sack".

    It is very valuable so i kill glommer on purpose to have a chance to kill Krampus for his sack.

    Although Krampus sack is a very rare item and i wasn't lucky enough.
    Meanwhile WINTER IS COMING and a decided to build some pig houses near my camp to help me cut trees quickly.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Mini Episode 9 "Kill the Krampus"

  15. In this part 8 Wigfrid found the touch stone.

    Touch stone is one of the ways to revive yourself when you die.

    Near the touch stone Wigfrid found a trap.She found a fire staff circled by red hounds.

    You must not take this staff cause you will wake the sleeping hounds.

    You can fight the hounds one by one and when they are all dead you will take safely the fire staff.

    Watch the video to see me kill them.
    In this episode Wigfrid had the chance to wake up a Treeguard.

    She was cutting some trees with her friend pig and an angry treeguard appeared.Luckily he was so slow and i could hit him very easily without taking damage.


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 8 "How to kill the Treeguard"

  16. In this part 6 our character Wigfrid decided to prepare for a possible
    giant attack.So she came with the idea of crafting some fire darts.
    How to make some fire darts?Its easy,especialy if your base is near a marsh.
    Wigfrid went to the murshes and collected some reeds.She had to be carefull.Tentacles were everywhere.
    With 2 reeds 1 coal and 1 red feather she managed to make some firedarts.So she will easily burn a bearger or a deerclops.

    Red feathers you can loot from red birds.Craft a boomerang and wait for a bird to land.Throw the boomerang to the bird but be carefull.You must catch the boomerang again.If not you will hit your face.

    When Wigfrid met a pig,she gave him a monster meat and the pig became friendly.When you feed pigs they follow your character and help you when they can.They can fight monsters or cut some trees.So Wigfrid with her new friend cut some trees.Luckily they didn't spawn a tree guardian!!!


    Don't Starve (RoG) : Episode 6 "Cutting trees with my Pig"