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  1. I have experieced the same problem with Bongji. When I have changed the api to 4 (maxwell right?) and deleted the morguescreen,it let me run the mod but then it crashed when I tried to load a game. It gave me this ...Desktop/Don'tStarve/data/.../mods/satori/modmain.lua:209:attempt to call global'GetModConfigData(an nill value)LUA ERROR stact traceback: C:/Users/name/Desktop/Don'tStarve/data/.../mods/satori/modmain.lua(209,1) =(tailcall)? =[C]in function 'xpcall' C:/Users/name/Desktop/Don'tStarve/data/scripts/mainfuncions.lua(97,1) =C in function 'SpawnPrefab' C:/Users/name/Desktop/Don'tStarve/data/scripts/mainfuncions.lua(120,1) in function 'SpawnPrefab' Please fix this it is a very interesting mod that I desperately want to play