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  1. If you don't want your friends to choose Wilson, then send them to go get more characters! I don't think it should work like that, it's a weird system, and i don't think it's necessary. If you really want to play with your friends and they haven't unlocked the other characters then you'll have to see them as Wilson. Maybe something to distinguish the players? I don't know, maybe different shirt colors? But seriously... 8 days, it's so easy and fast to survive at least 8 days. I unlocked all the EXP characters at my fifth day playing Don't Starve.
  2. Cannibalism (not a joke this time)

    Cannibalism will never be necessary, there is food everywhere
  3. I will tell you the same thing I said in another thread About leaving, I think the players will be able to leave the server when they want to. And when you connect again you will be on the same place that you've were when you left the server. If the server is open, the time will pass, and maybe the monsters will still there.
  4. Character creation

    I don't get it. You can create your own characters in singleplayer, as Don't Starve has a nice mod support, you can download or create custom characters, this shouldn't be exclusive for multiplayer. When you create your own character you'll have to give him a skin, quotes, stats, etc. So yeah, it isn't easy, and why don't pick the know characters? Part of the multiplayer experience is put their advantages and disadvantages to work together. I think it will work like this: Once you connect to the server you can choose your character, when you choose it, he will be part of the world, you can't change it, you can't use it in single player, and the only way to chance your character will be creating a new world.