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  1. Warfarin, The Tricky Thief!

    Is there a way to roll using the controller?
  2. [Suggestions] Cauldron Of Ideas

    I'm into Day 22 of a playthrough as Winnie with the Up and Away mod and have not yet come across a road. This is just an unfortunate coincidence I know, because my prior game found Mercurius on Day 3, but still, it might be fun to have this bit of colour: I suggest, perhaps in the spirit of the Koalefant, you include clues to Mercurius's passing (a piece of the fabric from his umbrella with a lightning scorch mark) leading toward a road? ...perhaps with a text string attached when Inspected "curiuser and curiuser"...intentional mispelling and horrendous punishment. But, I'd very much say in the spirit of the Koalefant because I don't like how the Koalefant print relocates if you ignore it. It could relocate when you reach the road, as there would be no guarantee that Mercurius would appear there, but not before that. I can't comment on the meat of the mod yet...because I haven't actually gotten there yet, but I really like it just because it provides (in my opinion much-needed) direction in Survival Mode. If you need some Text strings doing, I'd be glad to help you out.