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  1. Hey @Rincevvind and  @WolfHybrid23.  I realize I am extremely late to your calls, but hopefully I can still help you out.

    @Rincevvind, you are doing everything exactly right.  Those white dots are empty symbols, and each one represents a different body part of your character.  Next comes the fun part - all you have to do now is open each body part by double-clicking on a white dot and draw in the matching body part.  Try not to move any of the dots, as they've been placed in the proper locations to match the animation build, (if you do move any, all you have to do is reload the character from the DSCC window).

    @WolfHybrid23, your problem is a little trickier.  I've found WHERE your hangup is, but I can't figure out why it's happening.  Am I correct is assuming this is happening when you create a brand new character?  If you can, attach a screen shot of Flash with the DSCC window and your library panel open. (Also you don't need to install After Effects, AF is 'Adobe Flash').

    Hope this helps, guys.  Feel free to message me if you need more assistance.  I'll try to answer sooner than a year later.

    - Dom