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  1. > saw something that's so scary that made him frozen in fear > 'I'm gonna go check what it was. By walking into the darkness. Alone.' Umm...Mr. Wilson? Not a good idea, I think? (lol) Love love LOVE the coloring!
  2. Oh goodness, I tried to refrain myself from acting like a fangirl but I can't anymore because WEBBER WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLE IN THE LAST TWO PAGES OH DEAR GOD LOOK AT THOSE SMILES I WANT TO HUG HIM HE'S SO CUTE AWW . ...Ahem. I'm sorry for acting inappropriate. And sorry for the caplock. Love your comic! And yup, I have eaten frog leg before and it tastes kinda like chicken but has a bit unique smell of its own. Not much meat to eat, though, so I don't really like it.
  3. Oh no, please don't be downhearted. I love your arts! They always bring a smile to my face and brighten my day whenever I see them. I'm just too shy & didn't have much time to visit the forum so I didn't comment, but I want to tell you that I'm so happy evey time you post new arts and always looking forward to seeing new ones! Hmm...Willow-cest. A rare sight to see. Happy ending for red & green Willow! (lol) Serve you right blue Wilson for being mean to red Willow! Also, that shirt design is so cool! I would love to buy one if I could, but my credit card was cancled and I have no money online anymore. Need to work and earn some more money... I want to buy so many stuffs... I guess if you're hungry enough, even the smelly wild animals would look yummy to you. (lol) After I play some DST, I feel paranoid whenever someone who play as Willow comes near my base. (Darn it, griefers! You sully Willow's image in DST for me!) But your arts help lessen my paranoid a lot. Thank you for your lovely arts. Hope to see more soon!
  4. Yay, Woodie! I was worried about Webber dropping the logs (you spend a lot of time collecting that logs, boy. Y do U drop them before going back to Wilson? Cutety silly spider boy <3). But now if Woodie join the team, then there will be no more problem about wood anymore! Unless Woodie's just passing by and take those logs for a free snack... Oh well, if that's so then at least the logs would not be wasted, lol. Wolfgang is the shortest? I thought he would be big and tall because of his muscle. But then again, I didn't play as him much. (Seeing him in his weak form make me feel sad, but sometimes it's nessesary in the beginning of the game to preserve food for the future/ in the emergency hounds rush. So I tend to avoid playing as him.)... Oh, That's right! His "Weakgang" form is kinda small, I remember now. Poor wimpy Wolfgang. Praise L0rd GabeN! (lol)
  5. Your art & comic is so awesome! Love your drawing style. Thank you for sharing your works here for us to see. Can't wait to see more! (I don't know why but i find your WX-78 so handsome, even though I usually don't like this robot that much. <3) Hmm...If we look at the character's in-game model, Maxwell seems to be shorter than most. But if you look at this slap-fight between Wilson and Maxwell gif (image from DS wikia), you will see that Maxwell is a bit taller than Wilson. And Wilson has almost the same height as Willow. But maybe he's a bit shorter than her, judging from this image (image from DS wikia) where they stand beside each other in the DST RoG poster. (His forehead is a bit lower than her, so if we don't count his hair then it seems like she's taller than him.) But I also don't think Wilson is a short man, either. Because in the DST promo pic where he's with the others, he's mostly as tall as most other characters. Only Wendy and Webber are clearly shorter than him, while the others are about the same height as him. ...Woah, maybe I'm thinking too much too deep about this (lol). Sorry for my rambling.
  6. Ahhahaha, oh my dear. Even Maxwell's dapperness can't help him if the hallucination is trolling him like this! (lol) Your comics are always so funny and lovely, I will never be able to hate you.