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  1. Episode 10! Finally! Woohoo! ...Ahem...sorry for the wait. ^_^;; Hope you guys enjoy the episode!
  2. Thanks! You made my morning~ Speaking of mornings, episode 10 will finally be out tomorrow morning. Sorry for the delay! Thanks Quady! I had just noticed that post myself, and it's totally brilliant! Too bad I just passed a full moon...Glommer, wait for me. T_T I'll keep an eye out for the trick on your playthrough! Race you? XD
  3. I felt insanely lucky about the figures...I didn't even know Maxwell was an option, and then I found out how rare it was, so I pretty much squeed and scared the heck out of my boyfriend. XD Aw, bummer. After playing adventure mode using merms as a food source has been ingrained into my psyche. XD Woah, rain in summer? What is this madness? Congrats on having Let's Play Luck! Survival is good when you have all your followers invested in the file/character too!
  4. I got massively lucky with my lot...Wendy, Wolfgang...and Maxwell. Ugh, clammy Merm hands...I see your point. You should totally go back and pick up the free fish and frog legs after un-werebeavering.
  5. C'mon guys, might not be the most skilled, but I still think it has some love and charm of its own.
  6. Next episode, I sleep another hot Summer day away (even though I didn't really need to) only to realize that tonight's the full moon! WHAT A HORRIBLE NIGHT TO HAVE A CURSE YET AGAIN. A Don't Starve A Day - Woodie Day 25 Poor Merms, what did they do to deserve homelessness?
  7. Rough luck with the dual spiders. But Ali sure seems happy! Guessing you won't get to hang on to the Wilson figure... XD
  8. Ah yes, dying pre-base. XD There was a time I was determined to have BOTH beefalo and the pig king adjacent to my base. That didn't really go so well... Getting rained on as WX is pretty scary. o_O I hate that "taking damage" noise. You're so lucky to have gotten Glommer as your buddy! The one time I got the flower, I had to flee from dogs and never saw what happens to poor glommer...yet, the flower never rotted. ;_; I think it had something to do with a glitch in one of my mods...
  9. Sounds good! I think I might try to re-tackle Adventure Mode so I can use one of the two characters I haven't unlocked yet... Huh, I had never thought about that issue! Poor WX...imagine starting in spring as him. o_O I usually only make one thermal stone, but thinking about it, two makes so much more sense! Less waiting time! Thanks for your usual brilliance. Woodie in a floral shirt in Hawaii...I don't even. XD
  10. Hooray for page 2! This is an accomplishment indeed. Let's greet it with Episode 9~ What would winter be without hunting a large, innocent creature? Oh the things this game makes me do...
  11. Oh, of course! I shall give ALL the references and credit.
  12. By the way, a quick poll for anyone following along with the series: If/When Woodie dies (Hopefully not! D: ), would you like: A. The series to end with him B. A new file with Woodie again C. A new file with a new character (if so, which character?) Also, for watching!
  13. I should be more worried! Why is winter so cruel? T_T Summer too! I can't think of a single planet that has such inhumane temperature spikes. Oof, a day 9 winter? Congrats on surviving that, I don't know if I could have done it. I like the free gold and gear from the thermometer and ice box, but I stay 100% away from that chest. It means bad things for sure! I wish you luck with summer! The Ice Cube hat was a lifesaver in my first summer; definitely a must-build.
  14. What a coincidence that you would mention him fighting off hounds, because that's exactly what happens in Episode 8! Hard to believe he can one-hit-KO them. o_O I'm actually really glad he's around...with I could get a treeguard to help me out in my other file!
  15. Erm, I love you forever~~~~~~ I have no idea how to thank you for drawing this for me. <33333 Do I have your permission to show it off to anyone I can in my Let's Play series? The world needs to know of your Woodie and Lucy drawing talent.