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  1. Whoa whoa whoa, hold the phone.

    Am I hearing this correctly? Please tell me I got misinformation or something, because I heard that you will have to pay a monthly fee for online services on the Nintendo Switch. Like, if I get a mainly multiplayer game like Splatoon, I have to actually pay a fee to play over the internet.

    Please tell me I am misunderstanding this, because that is so, so, so stupid.

    1. MenaAthena


      That's the comparison I heard, but I've never owned an Xbox and the only PlayStation I've ever had was PlayStation 2, so, *shrug*

    2. Auth


      It's genius really, all the other consoles have been scamming their captive audience out of it and making a fortune, and nintendo's recently been pulling in... well, less than stellar sales. I heard there's still warehouses full of unsold Wii Us. (No evidence, I've just heard that claim multiple times) Lucky for me I never really played any nintendo games online so I'm pretty sure I'll remain unaffected by this. Unless they force you to pay it to even use the console itself, in which case, grab your pitchforks and torches we're goin to Japan.

      Another thing though, is, even though I don't care all too much, I think Nintendo should maybe have some bigger titles(3rd parties specifically) guaranteed before they start blabbing about the ability to charge for internet. Of course, if any of this is true. I'm gonna look it up now. Well, I looked it up. Turns out Nintendo is charging for online play, here:


      The Nintendo Switch, the new $299 console launching on March 3, will be the first Nintendo console to require a premium, paid subscription service if you want to play games online.

      The details are on Nintendo's site, but the upshot is that the gaming company will offer a free trial of this online service starting in March, but at some point in Fall 2017, it'll transition to being paid — though Nintendo says it'll announce pricing specifics later.

      The good news is that subscribers to this service will get one free download of a classic NES or Super NES game, with online play enabled, per month. Plus, Nintendo says, subscribers will be eligible for discounts on the Switch's online store.

      (Source: Here)

      Sounds like a good deal to me, honestly. And so far I think the only games affected by this is mario kart, smash bros, and splatoon. And I never play mario kart or smash bros online anyway, it gets too much salt in my eyes.


      Also, seeing how easily hacked the Wii and Wii U could get, I'm pretty sure the good ol' pirates with hearts of gold will give us a hack for free internetterwebs in no time.

    3. Mobbstar


      From what Weirdobob just posted, it seems like a decent system, I'd say. I mean, you basically buy a NES game with the fee. I'm sure those discounts will be the opposite though, and non-subscribers have to pay extra for not being subscribers.

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  2. Quote

    [5:05:00 PM] Battal: i am so, so confused
    [5:05:13 PM] Mena: by what
    [5:05:40 PM] Mena: we're just having a normal discussion about eyes and pirate salads
    [5:05:46 PM] Mena: nothing confusing here


    1. Zeklo


      It wouldn't make much of a difference.

    2. DragonMage156


      Just a normal day hanging with a Klei friend :p

    3. Mobbstar


      Battal is working at Klei already? I didn't expect it anywhere close to this soon!

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  3. Huh, this looks interesting. 

    This trailer is literally the first I've heard or seen about this game, so I don't know anything about it other than what's shown here, but it looks like something Jordan Underneath would enjoy and hopefully review. 

    1. InDenial


      why on earth does this style look so familiar

    2. Mobbstar


      Because it is how nightmares look like.

    3. DwerBomb


      Yes! I'm so glad we've got news for that game, I was so hyped about it!!!


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  4. Webber 1 and 2, please! I want more headcannons about the precious spidey-boy :3 Oh! And Wendy, 5 (With WX-78) too!
  5. "The risk I took was calculated, but man, I am bad at math."

    Best quote

    1. DragonMage156


      The same for all of us...

      Yeah screw math!

  6. ... I thought it was pretty obvious that it was a joke, and I didn't really think much else of it. :/ Maybe I'm just insensitive to these things, I dunno.
  7. ^196168055CA3EAAA89F193FD0B849099A14FC8E38B0342CF23^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg



    1. Mobbstar


      But I just made her a doodle, I can't make another one!

  8. I think this video physically hurt me.

    So of course I'm sharing it with you guys because I love you <3

    It's the "if something smells bad you want someone else to smell it" principle.

    1. DragonMage156


      Omg 0_0 That's brutal!

    2. Mobbstar


      Pretty much what grinding is, though.

      Now, the other pkmn MRL mentioned, It attaches silk to its prey and sets it free. Later, it tracks the silk to the prey and its friends.

    3. ImDaMisterL


      It also makes it so they die a slow death, it wraps them all up in silk so they can't move and drinks their bodily fluids at its leisure.

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  9. (Yeah, it was more of a panicked slide/shove, like she freaking out and wanted to get him away from her quickly but was careful enough not to actually throw/toss him.)
  11. (JUST SO YOU KNOW I GOT PERMISSION AND ENCOURAGEMENT TO BE OP FROM BATTAL + ZEK SO ASJHFGYEGKWHADEHV) Nadas could see the wound on Dragon went pretty deep, but fortunately looked like it hadn't hit anything vital. The gash was also fairly thin, meaning she hadn't lost as much blood as she would have if it was gaping, but she still lost quite a bit during the time everyone was unconscious. Dragon didn't do much but whimper and flinch a little any time Nadas touched the injury. ~~~~~~~ Kate had nearly tossed Noctimus and scrambled back away from him soon after lighting on fire to prevent him from being hurt. Her eyes darted frantically around resuming the search for Wiffleball. The ruckus caused by a tendril lifting something out of the wreckage caught her attention, and her eyes locked with the fuzzy blob of the plush's distinct orange. She could hear the monster hiss and chitter about food. Kate's breathing started coming in heavy gasps. The fire flared exponentially brighter and larger, cloaking her entirely from the onlookers as it swelled. She pushed herself up on trembling legs and glared through the blaze at the creature who threatened her family. "STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT! PUT HIM DOWN!" She shrieked and a ball of white hot blaze went streaking like a meteor at the titanic creature. The flame replenished itself in seconds, fueled by her boiling over emotions, and she sent another fireball right after it.

    This single post has thirty one notes.

    Thirty. One. Notes.

    I was not prepared for nor expecting this

    1. DragonMage156


      Make that 32 ;)

      Yeah that's just like when I make that "Webber "flirts" with Wendy" video :p

  13. I actually don't have the colorless blender (yet). I used the white pencil to get a similar effdct, but it did dilute it a little so I had to go back with the purple around the edges.
  14. Thank you! ^w^ I'm mostly using Prismacolor, but for this one I also used a couple from Sargent Art because I needed a grey and a different shade of blue. I'd personally recommend Prismacolor, as from what little I've used the Sargent Art they seem to not blend together as well. I've only had these colored pencils for a few days and I'm already in love with them! I'm going to ask for more for my birthday in a couple months.
  15. My friend @Zeklo got me the Snowy Glom Glom skin for Christmas, so to celebrate I drew the adorable little puff ball with my new art supplies! Admittedly I don't draw much DS art, but if I ever do get around to making more I'll change the thread's title and post it here. Edit: I can't decide if I like it unedited or not so have both lel
  16. In the moment they had to react before the water came crashing down, Kate curled around Noctimus, trying to shield him from the wave as best she could. She looked up at monstrosity even bigger than Niella that had risen up, and the red sun adorning it's head. Her face contorted in silent terror as she helplessly watched it released a beam of power that cleaved right through Niella's side. How? How were they going to beat- to survive this thing? There was no way. There was no way. They were going to- to- Flame cocooned the despairing girl.

    I sure do hope I get a solid chocolate bunny this year! ^u^

    1. An Artifact

      An Artifact

      I'll buy you one :p 

    2. Arlesienne


      I got two and if they continue doing what they're doing right now you're going to have more soon.


    3. MenaAthena


      I can do that.

  18. This is the first time I've been genuinely excited for Christmas in a while. Probably because there were things I actually wanted this year so I'm looking forward to getting them.

    1. Battal


      It's pretty easy for me to guess what I'm getting; mainly because I put in the amazon order for it.  :p

    2. Arlesienne


      I'm very happy to hear you're enjoying yourself.