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  1. That figure in the corner seemed to have been sedated more than the others, as despite all the commotion going on they hadn't moved a smidge since everyone arrived, but now they began to stir. Seven opened her eyes and started trying to move, noticing quickly her mittened appendages and the thing latched onto her face. She tried to scrape and pull whatever it was off to no avail. The mittens wouldn't let her grip well enough. She became increasingly frustrated, trying harder and harder and grunting childishly before eventually bending and trying to rake it off with her feet, but those were gloved too. Suddenly she froze, ears twitching. It appeared she'd finally noticed she wasn't alone, and turned her slit eyes toward the door.
  2. Happy birthday to me! ^w^

    1. DragonMage156


      Happy birthday!

      Yo where the party at? :wilson_celebrate:

    2. SirKnight


      happy birthday uvu

    3. minespatch


      Happy birthday ya young sod! May your art improve faster.

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  3. For those unaware, Pax has a discord with a Circus channel if you're interested.
  4. Well she's immune to her own poison, but I don't think she'd be with other toxins. Maybe she could develop immunities quicker due to her more vulnerable and mailable genetics???? Becausethat'showthatworksright
  5. As always, speak up if any tweaks are needed, and stuff may change at a later date.
  6. Zeklo has a Discord now too

    Join the role madness.

    1. MenaAthena


      Here you go,

      I will make a sunflowers tag in preparation for your arrival 

    2. MenaAthena


      Or, at least I would if I could still make roles??

      @Zeklo, why was I demoted QnQ

    3. MenaAthena


      Permissions given back, crisis averted. Sunflowers is a go.

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  7. Dragon tried to move onto Giant Shax's back per instructions, but could only make it part of the way before collapsing again. It would appear Kate would still need assistance as well, seeing as she was still out cold.
  8. Dragon yelped, resisting the primal urge to lash out, as Jaw's fingers pressed on her injured side in the process of picking her up. As she was being lifted, she quickly snatched the silly person's face shiny, getting the ring thing over her neck in the process, and the silly humans himself with her front claws.
  9. *sigh*

    Y'know, at least I didn't have to deal with p*rn bots constantly following me and reblogging my stuff on DA.

    Why do you do this, Tumblr.


    1. MenaAthena


      Oh. Looks like I can block them by pressing a little x that shows up in the reblog notification. Woopsies?

      It's still annoying though.

    2. DragonMage156


      The way I see it, if a pornbot reblogged my stuff, it reaches out to a wider audience. Then again, I could be wrong in some way.

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      It reaches out to a not-so-good audience, y'know.

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  10. (Um, Mage, Toast just said it was a figure slumped in the corner. He didn't specify it was a robot.)

    So uh, Weirdo has a Discord. It's for both rp peeps and non rp peeps, as there's an off-topic for chitchatting. Join if you'd like.

    1. ImDaMisterL


      How much did he pay you to re-share it? 0-0

    2. MenaAthena


      A grand total of $0.00 USD.

      I'm gonna use it to buy no candy bars. 

    3. DragonMage156


      What a waste of perfectly good money! You should totally get something like... something (not very) important that you don't already have :p

  12. It appeared Dragon had woken up in the time Nadas was gone, and had weakly crawled off the crumbling bits of island before she fell into the sea with them. The wound had mostly clotted by now, reducing the danger of further bleeding out. She moved over to where Syndir lay once she noticed something was wrong. Letting out a quiet whimper, she gently nudged his head with her snout.
  13. Quote

    [9:40:05 AM] a fishstick: B-O-A-R-D
    [9:40:11 AM] a fishstick: Say it together now
    [9:40:17 AM] a fishstick: BOARD
    [9:40:20 AM] Mena: B-O-R-K
    [9:40:27 AM] a fishstick: no
    [9:40:30 AM] a fishstick: stop
    [9:40:41 AM] Mena: BORK
    [9:40:53 AM] a fishstick: stoo
    [9:40:56 AM] a fishstick: P
    [9:41:02 AM] *** Mena stoops ***
    [9:41:11 AM] a fishstick: ;-;
    [9:41:20 AM] Mena: bork.

    *whispers* b o r k

  14. If there's one thing I've learned on Discord, it's to never trust a fish with bots or admin powers. 

    1. Zeklo
    2. DragonMage156



      Next minute:









      Wait a minute... don't cats eat fish? 0_0

  15. (Also there is a Discord for WaW members now. Just putting it here in case you don't read the Skype group. All of the house looked the same covered in fire. The only time she could definitely tell where she was was and where she was going was when she nearly fell down the stairs to the first floor. Time seemed to drag on forever as she rounded corners and circled dead end rooms in a daze, her eyes stinging more and breathing becoming harder as the moments went by. Eventually she reached a door. It took a lot of effort, but she eventually worked it open, and cool night air rushed it's way in as she tumbled out. She tried to go further, but didn't get very far before collapsing on the grass in a gasping mess. The house creaked and groaned and crackled behind her. As her vision started blacking out, she could just make out a figure running towards her, and the name he was calling. "KATE!" "KATE!... KATE!" With the memory finished, Kate's senses were brought back to reality. Kade was yelling at her. She could still feel the fire all around her. She knew her eyes were open, but she couldn't see anything but darkness, and they hurt. They hurt a lot. "Kate, listen to me! You have to stop the fire! The island is crumbling; everyone's running out of room!" After a moment the inferno receded about an inch, but quickly bounced right back. "I-I ca-an't!" she shouted back between gasps for air. It was hard to breathe. "Yes you can! You just shot giant fireballs and a fire beam at a sea monster, you can do this! You have to!" She had to. She knew now that she hadn't been the one responsible for her parent's death, but they were gone now. If she didn't learn to get this under control, she'd be responsible for hurting the people who were still here, who she cared about; Noctimus, Wiffleball, her family. Mustering her strength and will, she forced her fire upward, funneling it up and up until it finally dissipated. With the fire no longer cloaking her, Kate's condition could now be seen. It appeared she wasn't completely immune the flame after all. Her hair was singed off down to her scalp, her skin took on a slightly red hue, and her eyes had further grayed over. Her clothes remained somehow mostly intact though for obvious reasons. She took a step forward before collapsing, her descent slowed by Kade as she lost consciousness.
  16. This song makes me happy 

    1. Mobbstar


      Almost all PL songs are great, but none of them make me happy. O.o  Peaceful, yes, maybe melanchonic, but not happy. One of the few elegant pieces I know that actually makes me happy too is from SU...

    2. MenaAthena


      Honestly, the happiness is probably mostly from nostalgia.


  17. Fire was everywhere. She couldn't see anything else. It was so bright; her eyes hurt. Kate crawled out of the closet, trying to escape the suffocating heat. The floor in front of the closet was covered in hard, sticky objects that she didn't care enough to identify. "Mom-" she croaked out, reaching for where her mother lay. Her hand met something soft, sticky, and very hot, and she recoiled. The fire wasn't as intrusive to her vision in the wider room, and now she could see what was becoming of her parents. Their skin... their flesh... it was melting. She wretched. She forced her self to turn away as her stomach convulsed. She couldn't look. She couldn't see that again. She gasped after her stomach finally emptied, but she didn't feel like she was getting any air. Smoke stung her eyes and nostrils. She had to get out. She couldn't breathe. She had to get out and away from this. Far away. Standing up on weak, trembling legs, she forced herself to move forward, stumbling through the house in a blind daze. Kate entered a coughing fit, despite the lacking smoke, and the blaze surrounding her swelled. She stumbled forward without awareness of her surroundings, but Kade grabbed her arm and guided her away from the snapping pyrosomes.
  18. Quote

    [10:20:07 AM | Edited 10:20:18 AM] Mena: What flavor butterfly would you be and how many sets of wings would you have?
    [10:22:22 AM] Fish Dork Corn Nugget: No
    [10:22:57 AM] Mena: I see
    [10:23:31 AM] Fish Dork Corn Nugget: Yes
    [10:23:50 AM] Mena: I see
    [10:23:56 AM] Fish Dork Corn Nugget: Nope
    [10:24:14 AM] Mena:  high c
    [10:24:24 AM] Fish Dork Corn Nugget: Indeed
    [10:24:53 AM] Mena: eye cee
    [10:25:04 AM] Fish Dork Corn Nugget: Negatory
    [10:25:14 AM] Mena: aye pee
    [10:25:23 AM] Fish Dork Corn Nugget: Affirmative
    [10:25:40 AM] Mena: celery
    [10:25:57 AM] Fish Dork Corn Nugget: Cantaloupe

    Yep. Everything's normal here.

    There is no context by the way. It just... is.

  19. Kate awoke as she was suddenly lifted out of bed. She made some groggily unintelligible confused noises, unable to tell what was going on. "Kate-" It was the voice of her mother. "Mom?" She picked up muffled slamming and yelling in the background. "Kate, sh." Her mother's voice was hushed, stern, and fearful. It made her worried and even more confused. She heard a door opening, and she was quickly sat down inside a closet. Her mother looked her in the eyes. "Don't make a sound and don't come out, no matter what happens." There was another particularly loud set of thuds, causing the mother to quickly look to the back at something and attempt to close the closet. However, in her rush she hadn't made sure close the door all the way, and there was still a crack Kate could easily see through. Immediately after, the door to the bedroom slammed open. In the pale moonlight pouring through the window Kate could just barely make out an unfamiliar figure. He shouted something she didn't quite understand as he started making his way further into the room, but he was quickly followed in by Kate's father, who grabbed the intruder and started shouting back. The next thing she knew there was a flash, a defining bang, a heavy thud, a pause. Her mother started shrieking, but it was quickly cut short by another gunshot, and her body joined the father's on the floor. Kate was frozen, unbreathing, brain wracking trying to process the events unfolded before her. The intruder didn't move for a long moment, but seemed to shake it off and started riffling through her families belongings. As everything finally started setting in, her breathing quickened, whimpers and panicked gasps escaping her mouth. The intruder must of heard, as he froze and turned to face her. She could swear he was staring right at her through the crack. He started coming towards her, closer, and closer. His hand reached out for the door- Kate suddenly let out a scream wracked with agony. She thrust her arms forward, and a beam of fire four times her size shot out towards the sea beast's face, unfortunately for the monster that had positioned itself between them.
  20. Whoa! That's freakin' cool! :0 I love the kinda blurry look going on, adds to the insanity feel.
  21. Quote

    [9:14:41 AM] Ashypants: if only technology let us pet dogs from far away
    [9:16:26 AM] Mena: if only you could reach into pictures of a dog and actually pet that dog
    [9:16:55 AM] Ashypants: so many dogs would get pet
    [9:18:56 AM] Mena: it would bring in a new era of peace and harmony
    [9:19:16 AM] Mena: Why blow people up when you can pet all the dogs?
    [9:20:51 AM] Ashypants: this is true
    [9:22:25 AM] Mena: scientists get on this. Stop doing whatever ridiculous things your using our tax dollars on that isn't curing fatal illnesses and made this a thing.
    [9:26:18 AM] Ashypants: this is the most important research
    [9:26:39 AM] Mena: Most important


    1. Mobbstar


      And when you are done, make it so I can pet pokémons like Mena's avatar :p