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  1. (Basically, Seven, slime girl, and flower girl are supposed to follow the bots down the hallway. Everyone else is supposed to go to the viewing room.)
  2. Kate sat up, Kade helping her stand and leading her by the arm towards the direction of Noctimus's crying.
  3. Shortly after she was set on the ground, Kate opened her eyes. "Noctimus?" She called out as the puppy's wailing reached her ears. "Noctimus!?" Why was it so dark? She couldn't see anything, and she hurt all over.
  4. Seven paused and sank back a bit behind the corner they would have rounded to the cell block before actually doing the rounding. Two more robots, a human, and a neither. She was hesitant to go near the human, who at this point was between her and the robots that outnumbered her.
  5. Seven stalked the robot all the way to the cell block.
  6. (Wow, that dog must be a real quack)
  7. Eventually Seven was able to spit out the juice-sucked-out-of remains of the orange slice. How she was able to get food in her mouth while wearing a muzzle, a restraint designed for keeping the mouth shut as to prevent biting and loud noise making, in the first place was something of a mystery. However, it has already been established that she can somehow eat with it on, so we aren't going to question it any further. Done with the defective orange slice, Seven turned her gaze back towards the robot and became still, seeming to wait for it to make a move.
  8. Seven crept closer still before pouncing to right in front of the orange slice, swatting it around a little and bursting the juice sacks a bit before finding a way to stick it in her mouth. Unfortunately for her, no one ever warned her about drinking orange juice after having something minty in your mouth. The resulting alien taste made her make a face and shake her head around to try to get the orange slice out.
  9. Seven watched the robot enter the room, wide, frightened pupils shifting to thin slits and a growl rising up in her throat once again. She stayed still as it approached with the orange slices, before steadily staking out from under the chair toward it.
  10. Dragon cracked her eyes open. Y'know what? She'd been selfless enough today. Right now she was hurting and really really tired and she wanted to nap some more. There were other lifeforms around that were perfectly capable of helping that didn't have a long slash in their side that they might re-open by exerting themselves too much. They'd just have to do something for a change. So with her mind made up, Dragon huffed and closed her eyes again, shifting around to a more comfortable position for her nap. (Sorry I'm dragging this out longer, and I don't want Kate to wake up until she's on the island. I have a plan.)
  11. Welp, looks like Seven is going to suffer loss of luxuries and hard labor, because she didn't realize that "the science experiment" meant her and so stayed perfectly put under the foldable chair she currently occupied. Although, the wording of the punishment could be construed to mean she would lose hard labor. They probably didn't mean that, but one can hope, can't they?
  12. (Um, sorry, but Jason is definitely dead. Dead dead deady dead dead.)
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  14. (Perhaps we could timeskip to finding a peaceful island for everyone to recuperate once Nadas and Silven are done with this conversation?)
  15. Seven crammed herself underneath one of the fold-up chairs to hide, ignoring the vending machines and their probably subsequent hurt feelings. Vending machines are the dominant race in this universe, right? Of course they are. Hopefully these vending machines were benevolent, as Seven's hiding place wasn't very good. It made her feel a little better though.
  16. (Alas, yet another falls victim to the potato, lost in it's depths...)
  17. As Seven dashed down the corridor, further spurred on by the sound of gunfire, another human's appearance at the end of the hall spooked her into veering through into a room by her left. She frantically looked for a place to hide.
  18. (Welp, Jason is rip.) Seven scrambled around the nearest corner as soon as she could, coughing up cookie bits along the way.
  19. For every step Jason took forward, Seven took a step back, keeping him from closing the distance. Occasionally her eyes would flick to the robot behind him. The human was in between her and her target now. She couldn't get to it without having to go past him. The object thrown to her, though small and innocent, nearly made her jump and she tensed up even more with a reflexive hiss. She looked from the object to the human, seeming a bit confused or conflicted. Eventually reached and tapped the object quickly a couple of times as if she expected it to burn, then flicked it back towards Jason. Her pupils were a bit rounder.
  20. Seven was busy furiously papping the robot's head with a mitten and yowling in her throat as Jason made his approach. Her attention, and hand, quickly snapped toward him, swatting the attempt away. Just as quickly she jumped back and yowled louder, ears flat against the side of her head and glare flickering between Jason and robot.
  21. (I've edited my previous post for continuity, as it appears by then everyone had made their way out of the holding cell thingy we all woke up in.) Seven uncurled, slowly, cautiously skulking towards the open door of which sounds of other lifeforms poured out. She began to peak around the frame, reflexively ducking back in at a loud, sudden sound of pain and waiting a moment before trying again. This time her eyes landed almost immediately upon the robot performing as a receptionist, and they narrowed to nearly invisible slits. Fur stood up on end, a growl rising in her throat, she tensed, then sprung. Adeptly she dashed out on all fours, leaping over the desk without missing a beat before slamming down the likely surprised automation. (Gosh dangit me, always so dramatic. *shakes head at self*)
  22. (Yes, but she's lying down near Syndir. All she had do to give him the mask was move her head a little.)
  23. Kate didn't appear to have any injuries aside from the light burns all across her skin. Dragon's eyes widened when Syndir began sputtering and breathing again, and after some hesitance placed the mask down on his chest, quickly resting her head again. This humans person was so nice giving her shinys, and right now he was sick. She wouldn't try to keep this shiny of his. For now.