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  1. He's done nothing but teleport lettuce for three days.
  2. *does that quiet scream thing that's supposed to be a crowd cheering*
  3. "I-I don't have a snack!" Kate shouted out to the giant that apparently swallowed all those birds stuck in his throat, "If I had one I'd give it to you! I could find you something when morning comes though!" She was shaking all over, partly from nerves and from the taxing encounter with the Root.
  4. *quietly waves Team Webber flag from the shadows*
  5. totes legit concept Klei plz add 2 dont strave too get her 4 eester wil pay monz


    1. minespatch


      With bunnymen throwing smallbird eggs at player as projectiles.:wilson_ecstatic:

    2. Arlesienne


      I. Have seen. ART.

  6. D'awww... they look like a kitten in this picture <3
  7. what 

    1. DragonMage156


      *Looks at own hand*





    2. Mobbstar


      They're cranes with five arms :o But usually the first segment of each arm is tied to each other.

    3. Footman Crouch

      Footman Crouch

      They're parasitic leech that stuck with our arms, like the thing.

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  8. I'm sorry if I was rude too. I was trying not to be >~<
  9. Even if you were joking, it was still a bit rude, in my humble opinion.
  10. I lost the Lena picture I was using for a profile banner. Oh well, this one works better anyway.

    1. DragonMage156
    2. MenaAthena


      The cat girl

    3. DragonMage156


      Ah, my cluelessness is kicking in again >_<

  11. Last night: "I don't need sleep"
    This morning: "I regret my life choices"

    why can't I just sleep forever

    I mean I guess I'd miss out on some stuff

    but I'd be asleep

    so I couldn't care

    sleep is so cozy

    reality would be something that doesn't exist to me

    the only things that would make me feel would be in my dreams

    and with enough time, I could learn to control my dreams

    I could craft a world exactly to my liking

    With literally nothing else to do, I would develop mastery over my own mind, devoting my time to pondering and solving the mysteries of the universe, breaking the limitations of the physical realm we call reality within the limitless void of my consciousness, stretching out to become one with the universe 


    1. minespatch


      Cue me staying in bed all day to catch some lost sleep after spending all morning checking Weirdobob's notifications.


    My parents are judging me now because of how much money I've been spending so quickly (Hollow Knight, controller to play Hollow Knight, commission, and a third of a Switch, adding up to $138 total in less than two weeks), BUT WHO CARES!!!!! *quiet, internal sobbing*

    It should be the last of my spending spree anyway. I normally don't buy a whole lot for myself. Outside of the occasional candy bar or some such I might buy like maybe one game a year and that's pretty much it. I just happened to have a lot of stuff I really wanted that coincided with me having the money and the means to get the money to get them.

    Huh, I guess I got off on a tiny tangent there... Anyway HOLLOW KNIGHT! PAIN! WOO!

    1. Zeklo


      Hollow Knight was the right choice.

  13. (Seven's not gonna try to read it, and I doubt slime even can read, so that means flower girl will have to figure it out.)
  14. aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I WANNA PLAY HOLLOW KNIGHT SO BAAAAAAD I'm trying to save up for it and a controller so I get a little less rekt than if I were to use the keyboard
  15. Seven didn't like the hallway, not just because it was cold and smelly. To tell you the truth about 3/5ths of her didn't really mind the smell. It was mostly because there was no cover; which as you could expect made her feel exposed and more tense than usual. A couple times she had run up to one of the robots to take a swipe at it before quickly retreating, other than that she remained some distance behind the group.
  16. Ho



    Scrooge McDuck made anime

    And manga but who reads manga anyway hahahaha (jk)

    1. Zeklo


      Ur ded to me

    2. MenaAthena


      That's not exactly new information : P

  17. Whoa, nice contrast! He really looks metal in this one
  18. Kate just stuttered and held Noctimus closer as the powerful shrieking seemed to become directed at her. She couldn't really understand what it was saying with so many voices at once all jammed together. It seemed to get... Meri? angry. She stifled the flames that were threatening to ignite again.
  19. Seven likewise locked eyes with Mandra until they had walked out of sight. Seeing a human coming her way, and not wanting to lose the robots, she quickly dashed past down the hallway, but still remained a fair distance behind the group.
  20. Kate knelt down carefully and scooped the sniffling into her arms, holding him gently. She thought she faintly remembered him calling Wiffleball "mama" once or twice; he'd help calm the Nocty down. "Wiffleball? Where's Wiffleball?" she called out, looking around despite the fact she couldn't see anything.
  21. Actually, now that I've watched more carefully, they do sometimes finish a visit in one sitting, but they still get up and leave sometimes. I literally saw one leave when they were almost done in one lavatory, go to the other one to pee a little in that one, and then go back to the one they were using a finish.
  22. My duplicates will just get up and do other things part way through using my showers and lavatories. They're getting water, I'm not on red alert, and the air is breathable, but for whatever reason they just keep leaving to do something else. I don't think I've ever seen them finish a visit in one sitting.
  23. Our water tank/pump (which effects our geothermal heating and cooling unit), washing machine, and big freezer all broke within the span of about a week.

    Rip our house

    1. Arlesienne


      Poor Mena. I don't think there is much to help with being an online buddy, but I hope you can turn the tables soon.

    2. MenaAthena


      The good news is we got our water situation fixed, but the air heater/conditioner is still broken and going to take a lot of money to replace the part that broke.

    3. DragonMage156


      Fore a short moment, I thought you were talking about something on Oxygen Not Included XD

      I hope you can get it fixed soon :/

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